Why Are Zen and Shirayuki Fan's Favourite Couple?

Shirayuki is the main protagonist of both manga and anime series- Akagami no Shirayukihime, best known by its English name Snow white with red hair. She was born in the kingdom of Tanbarun.

Zen and Shirayuki

Even though her name means ‘snow white’, Shirayuki is a cheerful, optimistic, and determined girl.

She stands out from the crowd due to her unusual shade of red hair.

She lives in the Tanbarun Kingdom and works as a pharmacist in her herbal shop.

Her life drastically changed when she got noticed by the prince of Tanbarun, Raji due to her hair color.

He tries to make Shirayuki his concubine.

Unable to sacrifice her freedom, Shirayuki cuts her hair and leaves it as a gift for the prince, and escapes in the forests of the neighboring country of Clarine’s kingdom.

After being caught by Raji, she’s rescued by Zen Wistaria, the second prince of Clarine’s kingdom along with his two aides.

Hoping to repay her debts of the trios, she sets her new journey as a royal court herbalist in Clarine’s kingdom and serves Zen and his aides.

Snow White with red hair describes the journey of Shirayuki towards her new life in Clarines as a court herbalist and also Zen’s struggle to become a prince worthy to serve his people.

As the royal friendship is molded and lethal enemies are formed, Zen and Shirayuki slowly learn to support each other and pursue their goals in life.

In the end, Zen and Shirayuki become a couple.

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She’s the main protagonist of both manga and anime series - Akagami no Shirayukihime, best known by its English name Snow white with red hair.

She was born in the kingdom of Tanbarun.

As her mom died at an early age, her dad decided to keep her with the grandparents in Tanbarun.

Her grandparents used to own a pub.

Throughout her life, she had problems gaining unwanted attention due to red hair and remained cautious about the surroundings.

Zen and Shirayuki

When Shirayuki grew older, her grandparents passed away living her alone in the kingdom.

She welcomed this life and transformed the pub into an herbal shop.

She loved herbs and doing new experiments on them.

But this peaceful life was shattered when she received a notice from the prince of Tanbarun to marry him as a concubine.

Unwilling to leave her freedom, Shirayuki sacrificed her hair and escaped the forests of Clarine’s kingdom.

There she encounters Zen Wistaria and their journey begins. Slowly they support each other and respect their life goals.

Shirayuki is an optimistic and determined girl.

Even though she’s in a romantic relationship with Zen, she feels they’re apart due to differences in their status.

To overcome this difference, she tries hard to stand beside Zen and protect him with her capabilities.

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Zen Wistaria

He’s the second prince of Clarine’s kingdom. He has an easy-going personality with a friendly nature.

Zen cares for all his servants and aides whom he regards as friends and protects them with all his powers.

He has had a special feeling towards Shirayuki since the time they met.

Zen treats his title as a prince seriously and cares deeply for his people and the country.

Zen and Shirayuki
Zen Wistaria

He escapes the kingdom into the forest just to be himself.

Though, while talking to Shirayuki about why he escapes, Zen answers that it’s different because she’s there with him and she’s all that he needs.

Overall, he’s reliable, trustworthy, and has respect for his people. He’s very honest, sincere, and easily earns people’s trust.

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