Yuri!!! on Ice: Who Is Christopher Giacometti?

Anime May 2, 2021

Christopher “Chris” Giacometti, is a secondary character in “Yuri!!! on Ice”. He has passion for skating and confidence on his sexual charm.

Chris’s age as the announcer noted in Japanese is 27 but in English translation, his age was 25. With his birthday on 14th February, it sure suits Chris, who displays sexual appeal in his performance.

And, if you can’t recognize him: It was Chris who danced pole dancing with Yuri Katsuki in the previous skating season. Now you know.

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Christopher Giacometti: Passion for Skating

christopher giacometti
Chris started his figure skating career when he was a child. He is deeply in love with Ice Figure Skating. He has most outwardly shown his admiration for Victor among all the skaters.

Chris became impressed with Victor’s performance at the Cup of China when they were both young. Victor gave a rose from his bouquet to Christopher and told him that they will meet again in the ‘Worlds’. This also flares up his desire to skate alongside Victor.

Chris’s sexual passion is often reflected in his figure skating routines. His choices of music for his skating program are most often sensual in nature.

Intoxicated”, Christopher’s short program, as described by Kenji Miyamoto, is “slippery”. The choreography is as such a skater is taking a shower. Moreover, Chris becomes so immersed in his performance that he displays mature sexual appeal.

Chris is one of the three named characters who can perfectly land a Quad Lutz. Just like the tradition of Swiss figure skating, Christopher Giacometti is well known for his spins. His spins are so precise and unique that they even surpass Victor.

Despite qualifying for the Grand Prix Final several times, Chris has never won Gold. He has, however, won Gold in the Cup of France. He has won Silver in GPF and also in World Championship in Yoyogi. And, Bronze in Cup of China.

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Does Chris have a Boyfriend?

Many “Yuri!!! on Ice” fans are confused by the appearance of a ‘mystery man’ seen with Christopher Giacometti. This leads to curiosity, whether Chris has a boyfriend or not.

This ‘mystery man’ has the name Masumi. We do know that Masumi is a member of the Swiss Skating federation. We see Masumi sitting with him at the final. But, what we don’t know is, if Masumi is Chris’s boyfriend.

The first time we see Masumi is when he came to Chris’s apartment. It also seemed that he has keys to Chris’s house. Masumi also takes care of Chris’s cat, named ‘bae’. There is not much known about their relationship since Chris seems more obsessed over bringing Victor back into the skating world.

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