Crazy Facts About Victor Nikiforov

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Victor Nikiforov is the deuteragonist of the figure-skating anime Yuri!!! on Ice”.

Victor is a Russian figure skater who becomes Yuri Katsuki’s coach and choreographer.

Victor Nikiforov has won five successive World Championships, five consecutive Grand Prix Finals, and countless European championships.

He was at the top of men’s singles figure skating at the age of 16.

Victor Nikiforov’s home rink is in Russia’s Saint Petersburg.

Victor Nikiforov is a handsome man with short gray hair and light blue eyes.

He had waist-length hair as a junior figure-skater, which he usually wore in a ponytail.

Victor is seen in a white and red runner jacket over his costume during the competition warm-up.

For practice, he is seen wearing a casual black T-shirt and gray jogging pants.

His costumes for competitions are not shown in the anime.

However, as a junior figure-skater wore costumes with feminine and masculine elements.

The personality of Victor Nikiforov

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Victor Nikiforov has celebrity charisma and is a natural flirt.

He is a bit of an airhead and likes to do things at his own pace.

Victor has a childlike demeanor. However, he is aware of his own strengths and weakness as a performer.

Victor knows how to charm his audience with his captivating charisma.

He is also sensitive about his appearance, especially his hairline.

Victor may be good at keeping his temper in control.

He is the bad choice of person to cry in front of because he is not good at managing other people’s emotions.

As seen many times, between his and Yuri’s interaction right before Yuri’s performance.

Figure Skating Skills


Victor Nikiforov is a very capable choreographer. He choreographed both Yuri’s (Katsuki and Plisetsky) “On Love: Eros and Agape”.

As well as his own free skate program and later Exhibition duet “Stay Close to Me”.

He arranged “On Love: Eros and Agape” that fit the strength and style of each Yuri, even though he choreographed the song for himself.


Victor Nikiforov’s signature jump is a quadruple flip. He can cleanly land difficult jumps.

Victor is able to perfectly land four out of five jumps.

Victor does not have much stamina like Yuri Katsuki to arrange difficult jumps at the beginning of his composition.

He relies on his presentation to cover the absence of the 1.1 multipliers in the second half of his program.


Free Programs

Although in the anime his performance is not shown properly.

We see his free program composition when Yuri Katsuki performs it in private practice.

Victor Nikiforov himself choreographs the entire program for the composition “Aria: Stay Close to Me”.

Exhibition Skater

Victor Nikiforov joins Yuri Katsuki’s exhibition as they perform the duet in the composition that brought them together “Stay Close to me”.

Facts about Victor Nikiforov

  • He likes to eat sweet potato shochu.
  • Victor has an Instagram account with the username ‘v-nikiforov’.
  • Victor’s appearance is based on John Cameron Mitchell, the American actor, and director.
  • He has a poodle named Makkachin. He is very fond of his Makkachin.

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