Yuri On Ice | Pure Bond Between Yuri And Victor

Did Yuri and Victor develop romantic feelings? Did they get together?

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Yuri Katsuki and Victor Nikiforov

Yuri and Victor are a beautiful couple from the anime series ‘Yuri on Ice’. Even if their relationship never became the focus of the series, the bonding and emotions they shared were the explicit proof for their romantic feelings for each other. 'Yuri On Ice' is a Japanese sports anime television series about figure skating. The series was produced by MAPPA, directed, and written by Sayo Yamamoto. 'Yuri On Ice' is not a yaoi anime because the story of this anime is more inclined towards figure skating.

The defeat that led to a miracle

Yuri Katsuki, a 23-year-old Japanese ice skater, faced a horrible defeat in the Grand Prix Finale and suffered losses from other competitions. After the depressing defeat and being on the verge of giving up skating, he met an unexpected miracle in his life.

Yuri went to Japan after losing all the competitions and reunited with his family after five years. There he showed up in a gloomy physique, still, his family welcomed him wholeheartedly. He had his favorite pork cutlet bowls there.

After his return, he went to his regular rink in his hometown, where he met his childhood friend, Yuko. He saw that she got married to one of their friends and has three girl children. After talking to her, he went to the rink and started skating. His breathtaking performance was an absolute art of dance and music.

mc and Yuko

However, while he was skating, those little girls made a video of him and posted it on social media without his consent. The video spread like a fire and in a split second, it was watched by everyone worldwide. Well, among those viewers there was one person who watched and was moved by that performance that made him come to Yuri.

Among all those viewers there lies that miracle that would change Yuri’s life and his name was Victor Nikiforov, Yuri’s one and only idol. After watching that alluring performance of his by Yuri, he was deeply moved by the way he expressed those steps with such exaggeration that Victor himself wanted to go and find his true inspiration again.

Yuri somehow made him realize that he had lost his inspiration as to why he started skating. He wanted to search for love that was lost in his competitions and those continuous performances he did. He somehow outgrew his true passion and love with those non-stop competitions and suddenly hope came into Yuri’s performance. Victor went straight to Yuri’s hometown Hasetsu, Japan.

An unexpected welcome to the most favorite person

victor in the pool

Yuri was literally shocked when he saw his idol naked in the hot water tub owned by his parents. That one unexpected encounter with his idol that was too naked was really something and also a start of a new journey. Not only that but Victor welcomed him with open arms when he first saw Yuri and said he will be his coach!

For Yuri, it was utterly hard to believe that his lifelong idol came to coach him after watching his video interpreting, Victor. Yuri had mixed emotions on this but they both started their training. Victor promised Yuri that he will win gold this time in the Grand Prix as the greatest of all the skaters is his coach now.

Was it Romance?  

Yuri got Victor and himself couple rings

After Victor Nikiforov declared to the media that he will be Yuri Katsuki’s coach and took his leave from ice skating, it was like Yuri’s dream came true. However, they shared a close bond. During their training and all the fun moments, they shared while they both were living in Japan.

Victor found it difficult in training Yuri as he was suffering a lot from his past defeats. But, he encouraged him by reminding him that he is coached by the world-famous and only Yuri can impress him by movements. Victor’s reason for coming to Yuri was that he saw Yuri making the song from his body movements and facial expressions made by him is how he developed those emotions from the song.

As for Yuri Katsuki, it was a little confusing for him as he always thought of Victor as an idol. Not to mention he then became his coach so he never realized his true feelings for him. Victor, on the other hand, started developing feelings for Yuri when they were both settling their mind and emotions into training.

Yuri realized his feelings after episode 7 when he performed Eros which was only performed for Victor so that he could be the most delicious pork cutlet for him.

Not soon after that, Yuri bought couple rings for them and wore them in a church as if it showed that they both got married. Every contestant for the Grand Prix Finale saw their rings and they both blushed. At the dinner gathering, Yuri realized that last season he drunkenly asked Victor to be his coach.

In the finale, Yuri did not win gold but silver and decided to part ways with Victor because he wanted him to continue his career in skating. After Victor heard he began crying and got angry with Yuri and then they decided that they both will be on the ice for a very long time.

Yuri and Victor drunken dance

Even though they did not officialize their relationship, their feelings for each other were true. They both know that they are one while performing on ice and without one they both would be incomplete. They both showed each other different sides of emotions and taught each other their true love for figure skating.