Yumi’s Cells | Why Goo Woong is the Worst Boyfriend?!

Although it felt like Woong and Yumi were meant to be, but was it really so? Why Woong and Yumi deserve to break up?!

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Yumi’s Cells Kdrama recently ended with Yumi and Goo Woong breaking up. Although it was a mutual breakup, Goo Woong was selfish till the end. Sure, Yumi has some faults and flaws as well, but Goo Woong is the worst boyfriend ever. Still not convinced, here’s why Goo  Woong and Yumi’s breakup was justified.

Goo  Woong’s Self-centered Attitude

It’s great to love yourself, value yourself and give yourself all the priority in life, because why not. However, Goo Woong took the concept of self-love to greater heights. Throughout the Kdrama, Goo  Woong had his priorities sorted.

In Goo Woong’s list, he was always number 1 and Yumi was placed number 2. The thing is it’s ok to place yourself first, but people’s lists and priorities change over time and relationships. But Goo  Woong’s stayed the same and only changed once when he panicked that Yumi will break up with him.

Yumi, on the other hand, valued herself, but she valued Goo  Woong as well. She was devoted and loved him without strings attached. Yumi tried her best to do everything and even manages her schedule to suit the needs of Goo Woong, but that’s rarely seen from him. Sure Goo Woong has a lot of good qualities but his self-centred attitude was one of the reasons for their breakup.  

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Goo  Wong is Insensitive

One of the saddest truths that you may not want to accept is that he is quite insensitive. Goo Woong didn’t value Yumi or Sae Yi. He was well aware that Sae Yi had romantic feelings for him. Instead of making things clear with her, he clearly strung her along. He pretended not to notice but was well aware of her romantic interests, yet dodging her advances was the best he could do. Not only that, he doesn’t want his options to be empty.

Although he was dating Yumi, he never made it clear with Sae Yi, not until it was too late and Yumi almost wished her goodbye. Again, he made the decision to quit leaving with Yumi, without considering how she feels.  

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Lack of communication

Goo Woong is the definition of disastrous communication skills. He never expresses how he truly feels and often deletes parts from the communication process, which leaves Yumi unsatisfied.  Woong cares when he feels like it and sometimes is a pretty incentive to Yumi’s needs.

He doesn’t take that much interest in replying back to her texts and was almost rude when Yumi wanted to wait in the line for getting her favourite food. Sure he doesn’t like waiting for food, but the rest of the world doesn’t mind queuing up for something delicious.  

Lack of Trust and transparency

Again, the core issue in Yumi-Woong’s relationship was trust and transparency. It started with Yumi asking him about the Yuzu preserve, to which Woong outrights denies or omits the truth. Hiding the truth is not equal to truthfulness and transparency duh!

The situation would have not escalated had he honestly told Yumi that it was from Sae Yi, there was nothing wrong or no need to hide it. Even when Sae Yi relocated to his apartment, there was no reason to hide it from Yumi.

This would have at least saved her some face in front of Sae Yi. No matter how good friends you are, it’s not ok to cross lines like that especially if you are dating someone else. Even friends know how to maintain certain lines and etiquette in friendship.

Huge inflated Ego

One of the most disliked qualities of Goo  Woong is his huge inflated ego. The ego in a relationship can be bad. Yumi also has her pride but she never brought her ego in the relationship and truly cared how Goo  Woong feels. She has never brought up things that can be insensitive or hurtful toward Woong.

Woong has a lot of ego and pride and doesn’t let things slide. He broke the furniture at Yumi’s house, but there was no reason to replace it without consulting Yumi. Yumi told him not to send money, but he did it anyway.

Woong even bored money from Loius to get Yumi new furniture. That really broke Yumi’s heart. He has time to come deliver her furniture but no time to have one decent meal with her.

Sulk and sulk again!

When Yumi states fact that he can’t refute, what does Woong do, sulk! Sulking is the best Goo  Woong can do. Sometimes it feels, like why is he even dating Yumi. Woong has all the characteristics of the absolute worst boyfriend. Anytime things go according to him, Woong starts sulking.

Also, every single time irrespective of who was at fault, it was Yumi who made up with him. Woong never took any initiative due to his ego and sulking nature.  He doesn’t have filter control and does what he wants anyway.

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Doesn’t Care how Yumi Feels

At times he can really be a dense bear who seriously doesn’t care about anyone but himself. Time and again, Woong doesn’t really care how Yumi is feeling. There’s a limit to how oblivious one can get, but Woong is the epitome of dense and oblivious.

Yumi took the initiative to celebrate Woong’s birthday and even planned a surprise for him. She wanted to ask his opinion towards marriage. Woong froze up and never cleared the situation. His silence was piercing Yumi’s heart with ice-cold shard and destroyed any hopes she had left. When Woong sensed she wanted to break up with him, he kept stalling and brought the break-up card to gain an upper hand.

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