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Did Yu-Mi and Ba Bi end up together? Read the full article to know more.

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Many fans wanted Yu-mi and Babi to be Yumi's Cells Season 2's final couple. But towards the end of the K-drama, Yu-mi's heart has other intentions. Fans were taken aback when Babi and Yu-mi reconciled after their breakup, only for Babi to propose.

While things are going well for a while, Yu-mi cannot avoid the inevitable at the end of Yumi's Cells Season 2. Keep a look out for the reveal of a long-awaited mystery man in the finale.

Yumi's Heart is lost in season 2

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Fans witnessed Yu-mi's emotions shift before the climax due to a single blunder. She was thrilled to marry Babi, met his father, and was well-cared for when she became ill. But all falls apart when his phone rings and Yu-mi realizes it's Da-Eun on the other end. Babi never removed or banned her phone number. Surprisingly, she felt at ease.

Yumi's Cells Episode 14, the finale, features a time leap following their alleged breakup. Yu-mi has continued her writing profession and is succeeding. When she can't find a copy of her manuscript or her laptop, she panics. Meanwhile, she attends Dae-and young's her close friend and colleague's wedding. Fans watch Babi getting ready to leave Korea while at the wedding.

But first, he receives a phone call from a cafe that he and Yu-mi visited. They explain that they discovered her laptop. Babi, being the good man and supporter of Yu-mi, goes to get it. However, due to time constraints, he places the laptop in an airport storage locker.

"You know that I always support Kim Yumi as a writer," he says to Yu-mi during the wedding. It will not alter if we split up. Write effectively. "Best wishes." He informs her where she may find the laptop and the code. After the ceremony, Yu-mi rushes to the airport. Fans are treated to a flashback to Yu-mi's second breakup with Babi. Babi knew before Yu-mi could say anything since he saw her hand without their couple ring.

Yu-mi resumes her life after saying goodbye to Babi.

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Yu-mi runs into Babi at the airport after a flashback to their breakup. Babi asks if Yu-mi is seeing anyone as they say their final goodbye. She responds "no" and inquires about Babi's girlfriend. Before boarding his jet, he responds "yes." Fans later discover Babi lied after seeing him with a pal. He is still unmarried, but he lies to Yu-mi in order for her to feel at ease and move on.

Yu-mi subsequently returns to her single self and notices other men who pique her interest. However, she remains focused on her career. She's stuck in a rut with her writing until Ruby calls to ask her to a holiday party. Ruby assists Yu-mi in finding inspiration for her novel and finishing it. She is happy that her hard work has been completed.

Her Cells have an end-of-the-year award event, and Babi is recognized for her literary career. After all, despite the breakup, he always believed in her and encouraged her to pursue her literary career. Later, fans witness Yu-mi go to Woong's office to return the laptop he had given her.

While Woong is delighted to meet her, she declines his dinner plans because she has her own. Fans notice that Yu-mi no longer has affection for Woong, despite the fact that he does.

Soonrok, Yu-last mi's love, is introduced near the end of Season 2

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Yu-mi attends Ruby's party after seeing Woong and is astonished to hear that it is also a congratulations party for her. Her pals are proud of her literary career. Back at home, her Cells notice a disturbance and are surprised to realize it is Yu-mi's Love Cell.

She adds that when she was alone, a gateway appeared, transporting her back to the village. And fans may soon discover why. Yu-mi is having fun at the party when she is introduced to Dae-colleague young's and buddy. Yu-mi shakes his hand and expresses her excitement about working together.

Even though fans never see the man's face, one thing is certain: it is Soonrok. Yumi's Cells Season 2 concluded with the introduction of Yu-mi's last love and eventual husband, which had been hinted at in the first season. Soonrok sends Yu-mi a text message introducing himself the next day. The question now is whether Yumi's Cells will return for a third season.

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