Yumi’s Cells Season 2 | Battle of the Ex-boyfriends

What happened to Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi? What happened to Yumi after the Breakup? Will Yumi date Babi again?

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The current trend of Yumi’s Cells is very unlikely to die down. One of the best things in the Korean drama Yumi’s Cells Season 2 is the story of Kim Yumi battling her feelings over Yoo Babi, her current boyfriend.

Things become messy and confusing while adding pain to her life when Yumi made a heartbreaking decision. With Gu Woong back in the picture and Yoo Babi still hanging by a thread, how will the Battle of the Ex-Boyfriends happen?

Who will win? Who will Yumi choose in the end? Will Kim Yumi defend Yoo Babi or side with Gu Woong?

What happened to Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi?

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It was surprising yet quite difficult for Yumi to make the decision to break up with Babi. Yoo Babi was swayed by his feelings for Yoo Da Eun.

Yumi trusted Babi but he wasn’t sure and tried to keep his real feelings from her. His way of doing things was wrong as he thought trying to hide things from Yumi was the best thing.  

When Yumi and Da Eun met, she ended up telling how Babi can be conflicted due to Da Eun’s confession. Yes, Yumi trusted Babi and ended up brushing things, but Babi couldn't answer when Yumi asked him straight away. The end result was disastrous; Yumi and Babi ended up breaking up.

What happened to Yumi after the Breakup?

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After the Love cell went rogue, she was removed as the primary cell. The Writer cell became the primary cell and ended up helping to reach Yumi the success that she deserved.

Through coincidence, she ended up meeting Gu Woong again due to Illustrator Control Z and it gave hope to him. Well, this was all wishful thinking for Gu Woong as Yumi has no intention of dating anyone or getting back with him. Control Z was trying to get them together but Yumi was dedicated to her work.

Will Yumi date Babi again?

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Things were bittersweet as one thing led to another. Yumi broke up with Babi and it’s been two months ever since. Somehow Babi returned back to Seoul shortly after but their paths never met. Just like Yumi was contemplating avoiding Babi, he was thinking the same.

Until one fateful day when Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi met again. Emotion Cell kicked out Reason Cell and doom was sure to be followed. Due to Emotion Cell, Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi decided to date again, but the spark wasn’t there anymore. It felt weird and burdensome but the deed is done, courtesy of the Emotion cell.

When Gu Woong Met Yoo Babi

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Due to some circumstances, Yumi ended up meeting Woong but it turned into a disaster. Woong was hurt and Yumi had to take him to the hospital putting their date with Babi on hold. Yumi tried to take care of Woong not because of love but due to pity maybe as she owed him something or that’s what she felt.  

The battle of the ex-boyfriends was daunting and quite entertaining. Both Yoo Babi and Gu Woong didn’t want to lose face and tried all petty tricks to taunt each other. Gu Woong provoked Yoo Babi saying Yumi wasn’t the type to get swayed by someone else.

As if Babi was going to let it go this easily. Both the ex-boyfriends exchanged poisonous words and neither of them wanted to admit defeat until a surprised Yumi came to the rescue.

Both Gu Woong and Yoo Babi immediately backed out after seeing Yumi. A concerned Yumi wanted to help Woong but something triggered her.

Yumi let her emotions and she calmly rejected Gu Woong previously and it was evident she would side with Yoo Babi. Leaving a hurr Woong aside, Yumi left with Babi. Babi did win this round because Yumi decided to take his side. Quite frankly neither of them deserves Yumi.  

The webtoon readers are aware that neither Gu Woong nor Yoo Babi is an endgame but for the drama, it’s quite hard to say. The way things are Yumi might end up with Babi and it won’t be surprising.  We are waiting for the one who really will end up with Yumi.

Honestly, Babi may seem like a perfect boyfriend but something about him really ticks us off. It feels more like Babi is a red flag that Yumi should avoid.

Before they started dating even Love Cell pointed out that Babi may not really love Yumi and it can be loneliness. His actions are that of a perfect boyfriend but time and again, Babi hurt Yumi way more than Woong.

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Babi misleads Yumi and tries to emotionally manipulate her with honey-coated words, his actions are no better either. Although Yumi has changed, she is her number one priority, yet again Yumi keeps overcompensating when she’s dating Babi.

The reason Babi seems like a red flag for Yumi is that their relationship has become toxic and Babi kept lying to her. Babi was in an accident but instead of informing Yumi, he decided to lie to her for a week. His reasons and rationale are getting exhausted and unbelievable.

Anything Babi says at this point seems to lack the emotions, love, trust and reliability to maintain a healthy relationship. Hope Yumi gets the best and the situation with Babi doesn’t get shrugged off just ‘coz they kiss and make up, quite literally.

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