Yumi’s Cells S2| Why did Yumi Leave Babi on Christmas?

Who texted Yumi? What was Babi hiding? Why did Yumi Leave Babi on Christmas?

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Season 2 had a good start. Yumi’s Cells kept giving us different feelings since the start of Season 2. Things have taken a different turn when Yumi suddenly decided to quit her job to pursue professional writing. Yumi was trying to save money to get Yoo Babi a Christmas gift, but things were financially difficult.

On Christmas eve, she received a text which can change her life. Who texted Yumi? What surprises does Yumi have in store for her? Why did Yumi Leave Babi on Christmas? What is Yoo Babi hiding from Kim Yumi?

The beginning of a Sweet Story

Things were going well for both Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi as they started dating. Yumi’s mental health was greatly improving and so far her self-esteem.

Yoo Babi is perfect in every sense, so much so that even Sarang Cell was worried about why Babi was dating Yumi. Was it really love or loneliness? Yoo Babi was supportive of Kim Yumi as they maintained their secret romantic relationship. Babi encouraged Yumi about her writing.

When Yumi went home she searched about her previous achievements and was surprised she didn’t have many achievements. Even Writer cell was confused as his misconception was feeding and definitely boosting Yumi’s confidence and ego.

It was shocking when Yumi suddenly decided to quit her job. Even Yoo Babi was surprised but he supported her as a model supportive boyfriend should.  

Some positive points to Babi as Goo Woong was definitely not this supportive when Yumi wanted to move to the marketing team.  He didn’t encourage her at all, whereas Babi tried to be encouraging and positive.

Who texted Yumi?

Yumi was facing a financial shortage as she wanted to get a Christmas present for Babi. After reflecting and quitting her job, Yumi was taking professional classes for writing. She was preparing for the professional contest.

Yumi decided to sell her unused new rice cooker to get instant cash. She put it up for sale and tried negotiating with a buyer. After push and pull, they finally agreed to go with the purchase but the seller demanded Yumi drop by on Christmas eve.

Yumi and Babi were planning a good night out and date on Christmas eve. The sudden text was upsetting, but Yumi decided to be done and dusted with it. Yumi went to meet the buyer but fate was playing a weird joke on her.

The person ended up Goo Woong who wanted to purchase the rice cooker due to some weird obsession. Yumi and Goo Woong were both flustered and surprised. Goo Woong even ran a situation simulation in his head of what could have happened had he reacted in a more mature manner.

They could have not broken up had he not lied or hidden the situation, all thanks to the Ego cell. But Yumi’s cells especially Sarang Cell were determined not to get swayed by Goo Woong. It was a short and crisp encounter when Yumi cut him off, sold the item, took her money and left like a boss. Kudos to Yumi for truly moving on.

Date with Babi

Things were going well as Yumi dealt with Goo Woong immediately and left for Babi’s place. They had a sweet and romantic moment trying to make Christmas dinner.

Yumi received a text from none other than Goo Woong who wanted to meet her. Thanks to Yumi who was trying to be considerate as she texted him first but that gave Goo Woong the wrong idea.

The message shocked Yumi and no one knew what Yumi was thinking at this point. Surprisingly Babi didn’t pry further and acted like a model boyfriend giving Yumi the space and privacy she deserved.

What was Babi hiding?

It was quite surprising because Babi figured it out.  The text from the unknown person was none other than Goo Woong. It was surprising that Babi and Woong met when Yumi and Babi started dating.

They even exchanged business cards and Babi became aware that Woong lost his business. However, Babi never mentioned to Yumi that he met Woong. Maybe there was no reason to bring it up, and frankly, it’s quite debatable if he should mention the brief unexpected encounter to Yumi. They broke up a long time ago.

Why did Yumi Leave Babi on Christmas?

Seeing the text Yumi was conflicted. However, after a firm decision, Yumi made up her mind. She decided she would meet Woong. Yumi mentioned to Babi that she would be back soon as she needed to do something. Without even telling Babi, he guessed that Yumi would be meeting up with Woong.

As usual, Babi didn’t say anything and let Yumi meet up with Woong. Although on the inside Babi was unhappy, he decided to trust Yumi and wait for her.

Yumi met Woong and honestly, it was quite a frustrating moment. She could have definitely waited and met him later, but Yumi decided to meet him then and there almost ditching Babi.

Well, for once, Yumi does deserve a lot of support and applause as she quickly met Woong and returned his stuff to him which she couldn’t previously. Yumi disclosed that she has a boyfriend which totally shattered Woong’s remaining hope.

It was really funny (sorry, not sorry) to see Woong’s world get crashed after the revelation.  Woong’s inner world went crashing down after hearing that Yumi is dating someone. Yumi returned back to Babi and they had a good Christmas celebration. Yumi clearly chose Babi over Woong and was the proof that she’s completely over Woong. Time does heal everything.

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