Yumi’s Cells S2 | Are Yumi & Yoo Babi Dating?

What’s wrong with Yumi??? Will Yumi & Yoo Babi Date?

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Finally, the months of waiting are finally over. Eight months went by in a flash. Yumi’s Cells Season 2 is out with Kim Yumi and Yoo Babi’s storyline. In Yumi’s Cells Season 1, Yumi and Gu Woong had a bad break-up.

The new season will focus on Yumi moving on (hopefully) and starting her new life possibly with Yoo Babi. The last episode of Yumi’s Cells Season 1 ended on a brutal cliffhanger with Gu Woong proposing a breakup.

Yumi’s Cells S2 - The Heartbreak

Episode 1 opened up with Yumi and Gu Woong breaking up. Yumi kept holding on to him after the breakup and undoubtedly was a mess.

The cells were having a hard time after Yumi broke up. Love Cell (Sarang) was hospitalized and ended up in a coma.

The only one trying to hold Yumi and other cells was the Rationality Cell. No matter the ups and downs, Yumi was getting back along with casual stalking and trying to move on from the breakup.

Is love in the air or is it, Ruby?

As usual, who can forget Ruby? It looked like Ruby was interested in Yoo Babi. Ruby asked Yumi about Babi and Yumi didn’t really have any idea. Surprisingly, in Yumi’s mind, there was a secret Yoo Babi appreciation fan cub with started off with very limited members.

Soon, the emotional cell, fashion cell, economy cell, and others barged in and started a celebrity fan club for Yoo Babi. Yumi was unconsciously collecting information for Ruby because she was convinced Babi liked Ruby and vice versa.

It feels weird to see Yumi casually cheering for Ruby and Babi, maybe as a way to distract herself or she truly is such a genuine and beautiful soul.

Babi and Yumi???!

When Yumi was trying to not obviously stalk Babi to source information, she got lots of recommendations from Babi.

Gotta give it to Babi for having taste in books and music. He recommended Yumi read a book and even let her borrow it. Yes, who can say no to books right? Babi and Yumi were hitting off nicely, as good workers or was it something more.

There was a sudden busking plan to watch their favourite singers and Babi casually invited Yumi. They definitely has a good time but things were about to go crazy. Hell was about to break up as Yumi’s Cells were already inebriated with Yoo Babi.

It was hinted (or not) when Yoo Babi casually dropped the “Go out, let’s date” bomb on Yumi. Yumi was clearly flustered and at a loss for words as the inner cells were debating what to do.

Rationality cell was clearly opposed to the idea of Yumi dating Babi because it wasn’t love. Love cell was in the hospital and there was nothing they could do.

The Emotional Cell was strongly in favour of dating Yoo Babi, but the Rationality cell was determined to break it off. Yumi was cool and politely declined Yoo Babi’s proposal to date. The end.

What’s wrong with Yumi???

The positive development was soon going to snowball into another trouble. As Yumi’s self-confidence skyrocketed to a score of above 800, there was another problem coming soon.

Yumi developed “The Princess syndrome” after getting her self-awareness developed. Yumi wanted to play it cool when she met Yoo Babi next, but clearly, something was a miss. Yoo Babi was cold towards Yumi and this greatly angered the Emotion cell.

Yumi was bothered because Babi was avoiding him and somehow they ended up having a misunderstanding. What made things even worse was when Yumi witnessed Yoo Babi and his ex-girlfriend early in the morning while leaving for work. Emotion cell clearly became an anti-fan from a devoted fan!

The Queen of ordering

Feeling sad and trying to escape the second-hand embarrassment, Yumi decided to ignore Yoo Babi for good. At her work, Yumi became as cold as ice when interacting with Babi.

Ruby decided to invite Yumi for an eat-out and to hang out. Ruby’s character this season is very toned down, and the character growth is amazing. It was nice to see how Ruby and Yumi get along together. Yumi was in for a shock when she met Yoo Babi. How to escape this predicament you ask, Hunger Cell and Rationality cell on Yumi’s rescue.

It was nice to see how Yumi turned the situation around and ordered the best items from the menu. How we wish we all had someone like Yumi in our life to make good food decisions in case if make not-so-great eating/ food decisions. Kudos to Yumi to make the best out of her abilities feat Hunger cell.

Will Yumi & Yoo Babi Date?

It’s time to go home and Yumi and Babi ended up taking the bus. Yumi was struggling with her mind when Babi was making efforts to make the small talk. When this failed and Yumi failed to respond, Babi decided to get off abruptly before saying he didn’t want to make Yumi uncomfortable.

Polite and considerate, what else do we need right. Yumi was flustered and angry. She immediately texted him back. They get to clear their misunderstanding and all is well right. Wrong! Yumi and Babi were ambiguous as Yumi rejected him and Babi tried to move on from her.

Babi was hoping to remain friends with Yumi, but does Yumi want the same thing? Love cell woke up as she was surrounded by the protests. Even Love cell admitted that Babi was unique and special. Yumi and Babi are not dating and even worse, Babi will go on a blind date.

Ruby was previously trying to set Babi on blind dates, and he was trying to put it off. Yumi was caught off guard when Ruby told Yumi that Babi had decided to attend a blind date. Guess Yumi might feel some angst and torment after rejecting Babi. Guess, we will find out next well in Yumi’s Cells Season 2 Episodes 3 & 4. Have fun watching the Kdrama!

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Seeing how things ended, fans are expecting a season 2 as soon as possible.

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