Yumi’s Cells (Ep1&2) Kdrama Review | Is Love Finally Here?!

Will love cell be back for Yu Mi? How will the date with Ugi go?

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Yumi’s Cells Kdrama is finally out. This Kdrama is one of the most anticipated dramas of 2021. Watching Kim Go Eun as Yu Mi was a delightful experience. Yumi’s Cells is based on the popular webtoon by Lee Dong Gun. The characters of Yumi’s Cells were refreshing and relatable to some extent.

From the very beginning of Yumi’s Cells in Episode 1 we get a dreamy Yu Mi waking upto her crush Chae Ugi (Minho) and realising it was just a dream. Yumi’s Cells were introduced, and they were definitely cute. The animation of the cells was on point and cute. Yumi’s Cells Kdrama is here to make us laugh and cheer up. Everyone has some kind of cells, but what kind is Yumi’s boss Cheif Nam is still a mystery.

Following the life of our not so average Yu Mi who excels in everything but love. She’s a hardworking, talented and well-liked person. It’s sad to see Yu Mi give up on love and fashion for a very good reason. Yu Mi’s last breakup caused the Love cell (Sarang) to be injured and is now in a coma.

Her Fashin cell is locked in jail because of the extravagant spendthrift activity causing economic distress for 3 months, Yumi splurging all her money to match a one-piece!

One of the weirdest but cute things to watch out in Yumi’s Cells Episode was Chae Ugi giving mixed signals to Yu Mi. His kind gestures were confusing and all over the place. This won’t be a Kdrama if we don’t have a third-wheel/annoying coworker gunning for the same guy. Ruby (Lee Yoo Bi).  Ruby is a cunning woman who definitely has the hots for Ugi and will do anything to interrupt Yu Mi.

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Yu Mi has her own anxieties and worries.  The 5 year age difference with Ugi and the perception of her colleagues makes her not want to stand out. Yumi’s Cells give a preview of her past when she dated someone who was totally trash and used her. Good thing that relationship is now over because Yu Mi deserves better.  We wonder is Ugi the one who can awaken her Love cell again?

There are so many relatable instances in Yu Mi’s Cells Kdrama that most fans can relate to. Like when you’re working and you need to finish work, but hunger gets the best of you.

The choice of choosing work over appeasing hunger would cost time, and it’s only a matter of fact which of the one you will choose. There are days your brain just won’t work like Yu Mi. The scene where Yu Mi was motivated to finish her work sooner because Ugi offered to drop her home was priceless.

Don’t we all have some kind of motivation to finish work early and magically speed up our working process? Yu Mi’s cell got blast off when she started working at a crazy speed.

After a lot of twists and turns Sarang is awake from the coma and takes control of Yu Mi’s love life. Even fashion cell gets parole to help Yu Mi prepare for a date with Ugi in Episode 2. Things were going way too good to be true for Yu Mi. Just when Yu Mi and Ugi could have a nice date all alone, Ruby drops by to crash the date; this woman is beyond crazy.

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Ruby constantly calls Yu Mi, but Yu Mi decides to ignore the call and run for her life. Yu Mi meets up with Ugi and they leave for a faraway destination to escape Ruby. An unsuspecting Ugi complies with Yu Mi and they arrive at a restaurant for what might look like the beginning of a wonderful date. Oh well, fans and Yu Mi’s cells celebrated way too early.

Prepare for some tissues because tears are gonna roll. Spoiler alert for heartbreak. Turns out Ugi is not interested in Yu Mi or any woman in the office. He does have someone he likes in the office, but it’s a guy. That was a huge surprise. It makes us curious who that could be. But good thing,  no score for Ruby either! Ugi wants to set up his friends with Yu Mi as a blind date.

This scene will really break your heart as Yu Mi’s emotions were all over the place. Her last shred of dignity might end up leaving if she fails to control her emotions or end up crying. Her emotional lever literally broke and a tearful Yu Mi runs for the washroom to cry her heart out.

With her emotional response totally broken there are no expressions left in Yu Mi. Everyone ends up walking on eggshells around her. Ugi set her up with his friend Gu Woong (Ahn Bo Hyun). Yu Mi end up going for the blind date but surprise! Gu Woong is totally left blank as he gets swoon by her. He literally becomes Stupid and his cells stop functioning.

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Yumi’s Cells Episode 2 end with both of them acting weird and awkward. Yu Mi’s emotional cell took control of her emotions and gives a funny reaction (autopilot) to every lame joke Gu Woong throws at her. What will possibly happen between them only the next episode can answer.

Overall Yumi’s Cells was a delightful and heartfelt watch. It’s a very refreshing Kdrama and after a very long time, you get to enjoy a drama like this. Weekends will be worth it because of Yumi’s Cells Kdrama. Keep streaming Yumi’s Cells Kdrama until next time. Happy Binging!