Yumi's Cells(Ep 9&10) Kdrama Review | Good-Bye Seo Sae Yi

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Yumi's Cells episode 9  followed Kim Yumi as she enjoyed her romantic relationship with Gu Woong. The chapter also featured the various challenges faced by the couple because of Seo Sae Yi. All the cells of Woong and Yumi worked hard to help them take their relationship to the next level.

Finally, they managed to get rid of Sae Yi. The couple enjoyed some time together without getting worried about a third person. But are they close to each other? Yumi might not have been able to understand Woong well. But before getting into the details of it, here is a quick recap of Yumi's Cells episode 9.

The chapter began by featuring Yumi and Woong in an awkward situation. After Yumi came to know about Sae Yi, she waited for an apology from Woong. But he kept giving explanations, and it made her furious.

She raised her voice and confronted him. The game developer also failed to control his emotions and talked back to her. At last, Yumi walked out in hopes of hearing his voice, requesting her to stay back.

To her surprise, Woong did not look for her. He never tried to stop her. Yumi waited for his calls and messages, but he did not contact her after the incident. Yumi waited for nearly 18 hours before meeting him. When she saw Sae Yi holding Woong's hands, she got furious.

Yumi questioned Sae Yi about her evil intentions, and Woong interrupted them. Seeing Woong trying to stop Yumi from confronting Sae Yi made her sad. Yumi went back after letting her boyfriend know that she could not take it any longer.

Out of the blue, Woong followed her. The couple cleared up all the misunderstandings and enjoyed time together. Meanwhile, Sae Yi said goodbye to her long-time friends and started job hunting.

Although Louis tried to convince Woong to bring back Sae Yi, he could not. The game developer had his reasons to keep a safe distance from his long-time friend.

Towards the end of the episode, Yumi started counting down the days until their second anniversary. While she was thinking about it on a snowy day, Yumi met her colleague, Bobby Yoo. They had a casual chat over a hot coffee before getting back to work.

Episode 10 starts at yumi's exhibition room in the cell land. Yumi's love cell is concerned about a new problem called "ageyo". Ageyo is a form of cuteness very popular in Korea. As her relationship with Goo Woong grows, the cells seek ways to spice up their romance, one of which is acting cute in front of her boyfriend.

"Yumi's Cells" episode 10 illustrates how her then-rival Ruby (Lee Yoo Bi) became Yumi's teacher to advise her how to act cute in front of men.

Initially, this would make Yumi cringe but thought she had to do it for their relationship. Ruby tells her a trick about "the tongs of love," in which she'll pinch the guy while trying to look pretty. The next is called "spike serve," where one had to tap the guy on his arm before telling a joke.

Lastly, and probably to most cringy for Yumi is "the cap skill of love" or the basic skill to manipulate men by pretending not to have the strength to open the bottle.

During her date with Woong, she tried to do the "cap skill of love" trick but failed. The cola spilt all over her clothes. Instead of helping Yumi, Goo Woong took a picture of her reacting to the situation. Interestingly, he did not mock or laugh at Yumi but thought that it was a cute gesture.

the cells at Cell village look forward to getting a compliment box from time to time. When Yumi was praised for great skin, the Clean-Up cell received a box containing a soul which means that the compliment is genuine.

During her conversation with Yoo Bobby, he shared that he read Yumi's online post and told her that she has a gift as a writer. As a result, he asked her to write an online post for the marketing team, to which she agreed.

For the first time ever, Writer cell received a compliment box alongside a Cinderella potion that would make her focused and hyped up to write.

Since Yumi accepted Yoo Bobby's offer, she poured her heart into it, but it seems that she's struggling to find good words. Yumi even cancelled her date with Goo Woong telling him that she had to finish the output given that she mentioned submitting it within the day.

After a series of drafts, Yumi wanted to give up, so he messaged Yoo Bobby and wanted to tell him that she couldn't submit the output; however, she was stunned upon learning that the marketing team would pay for her service. Since Yumi now had the drive and motivation to finish the work, she was able to complete it in minutes.

The following day, she received a call from Yoo Bobby telling her that the marketing head wants to have a meeting with her. At the meeting, the head praised Yumi for her work and mentioned how they loved her writing.

Interestingly, they offered her a transfer to their department, which got Yumi surprised and mentioned that she would have to think about it.

From strangers to acquaintances, "Yumi's Cells" episode 10 suggests that Yumi and Yoo Bobby are now getting closer and might be in the same department if she agrees to transfer.

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