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Do we sense a love triangle or????

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Episode 7 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Yu-Mi dreaming about Gu-Woong. The pair are still getting along well, with Yu-Mi even whipping up a lunchbox for him. The presentation is pretty impressive too, with Chef Cell teaming up with the new “Seen it Somewhere” Cell to deliver the perfect touches. When Gu-Woong finally tries it, he’s blown away by the taste.

Yu-Mi heads over to the studio to see Gu-Woong later that day, but Sae-Yi continues to get involved and butt in. Well, Yu-Mi gets her own back and whispers “I’m whispering” to Woong in a way that makes it seem like they’re saying something private. It has the perfect effect too, with Sae-Yi curious and driven crazy, wondering just what they were talking about.

That evening, Gu-Woong and Yu-Mi head to the cinema together, to watch a movie. The wormhole shows up in Cell Land while they do, just like before. This encourages Love Cell to slip through and visit Woong’s village.

Specifically, she heads into a special tower that holds all of Gu-Woong’s secrets. Specifically, Love Cell finds a list of important people in Woong’s life. Sae-Yi is number 12 while Yu-Mi is number 2. And that person at number 1? Woong himself.

Love Cell heads out of the tower and descends over to the water, where she finds a Marriage Desire box hidden and out of view.

Yi-Mi’s friend, Na-Ri, is due to get married but there’s a problem. All of her friends deny that Gu-Woong even exists, especially with no pictures of Yu-Mi and Woong together – not even from their trip away together. Although, if Lust Cell’s big grin has anything to say about it, they didn’t really leave the room much!

A flustered Yu-Mi rings Woong after though and asks him to show up at the wedding -it’s imperative that he be there.

However, Yui-Mi heads outside and runs into Ji-Ugi, her ex. She tries to play it cool, eventually acting prickly and telling him not to call. Unfortunately, when he tells her she’s pretty, it unsettles Yu-Mi and rocks the boat a bit. And that’s only made worse when Na-Ri rings and confirms that Ji-Ugi is also going to be at her wedding too.

At the wedding, Yu-mi arrives on her own, with Woong claiming he’ll show up later. He’s stuck on some difficult coding and given he hasn’t slept all night either, Yu-Mi is worried he’ll show up a complete mess.

Ji-Ugi calls Yu-Mi outside with big news. Alone, he reveals that he’s getting married soon, completely shutting down Yu-Mi’s defences. In Cell Land, all the different cells drop their bombs, as Yu-Mi takes it hard and struggles to hold back tears. Instead, she lies and claims that she and Woong will be getting married soon too.

Only… Woong happens to be standing just behind them. Thankfully he sticks up for Yu-Mi though and backs up her story, confirming that they’re definitely getting married.

Episode 8 of Yumi’s Cells begins in Cell Land 40 years after the events of our current timeline. An elderly cell invites a bunch of baby Cells into the library where photos of Yu-Mi and her life are laid out across the walls. There are encyclopedias for each year of Yu-Mi’s life – and she’s currently 72 in this timeline.

As this elderly Cell reads out the most embarrassing moment in Yu-Mi’s life, it just so happens to be from Na-Ri’s wedding that we ended in the last episode. And as this Cell continues to spin Yu-Mi’s story, we cut back in time 40 years to those moments outside the church.

Alone and away from Ji-Ugi, Woong learns that this man is Yu-Mi’s ex and sticks up for his current flame. He knows she was hurt and plays along, even messaging her in the church about Hawaii. Thanks to Woong, Yu-Mi manages to help dispel the incident. Only…there’s a catch.

The blowback from the wedding sees Louis questioning Woong at work over the marriage. When Sae-Yi finds out, she’s shocked and more than a little jealous.

News of this marriage spreads all over the place, including Yu-Mi’s work and Cell Land, where Reaction Number 1 Cell is banished from being used and Emotion Cell is locked up.

However, this whole marriage issue ends up becoming the catalyst for two major events in Yu-Mi’s life – Yu-Mi running a half-marathon and Sae-Yi trying to win back Woong. Now, Yu-Mi doesn’t actually look at guys anymore, seeing them as paper cut-outs. The root cause of this is her Reconnaissance team in Cell Land, who are always on the lookout for Yu-Mi’s type. Now that she’s busy with Woong, they’re no longer needed. So naturally, they go on vacation.

That evening, Yu-Mi runs into the new assistant marketing manager, Yoo-Bobby. This guy also happens to be the same one who asked her for directions earlier in the episode.

His looks though are obscured through that familiar cutout view from before, when it’s lifted we soon find out he’s one of the best-looking people currently working at Daehan Noodles. The guy has also found her umbrella too, and as Yu-Mi’s defenses are lowered, Yu-Mi heads in to get her umbrella back the following day.

As Yu-Mi contemplates whether he really has feelings for her or just wants to be friends, even Woong admits that she’s very cautious about people. However, with Woong preoccupied with work, Yu-Mi finds herself out shopping alone.

Only, Yoo-Bobby happens to be there. It seems the pair have been running into each other a lot recently, which could become an important fact to remember later on in the season.

That evening, Yu-Mi decides to head over and surprise Woong, showing up at his place unannounced after telling him she’s going to sleep. Only, Sae-Yi happens to be in the hallway and she reveals that she’s moved into the same apartment block – and floor- as Woong. It’s awkward, especially when she sees how close Sae-Yi and Woong have become.

Crushed, Yu-Mi immediately suspects the worst, and with Emotion Cell-free she begins questioning Woong and whether he and Sae-Yi are really just friends. As he does, the episode comes to a close.

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