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Will Sae-Yi's tricks work? Will Yumi and Woong have the time of their life at the beach?

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Episode 5 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Gu-Woong and Yu-Mi holding hands and walking together after their big kiss. This has a knock-on effect of opening a wormhole in Cell Land too, connecting the two Lands together.

Yumi and Woong are dating, yes, already! When the last episode ended with a sweet embrace and an even sweeter kiss, we expected the two to continue their gooey nervous period for a little longer but here they were, arm in arm, spending all their time together, skipping over the world.

As Gu-Woong and Yu-M go for coffee, she encourages him to run a marathon with her. As the pair trade cute verbal quips, Sae-Yi rings and updates him on the company.

Only, when Yu-Mi realizes that Sae-Yi is actually a girl, Reason and Envy begin to compete for dominance in Cell Land. Intuition even shows up too and claims she’s really pretty and doesn’t have a boyfriend.

This worry continues that evening when Yu-Mi heads over to Gu-Woong’s place. He offers her a drink of Yuzu tea but the small amount in a jar makes him suspect Sae-Yi is behind this. Well, it turns out she is but Gu-Woong’s cells decide to omit those details and claim “someone” made it for him.

That evening, right on the cusp of Yu-Mi’s birthday, Yu-Mi figures out the truth. With a giant orange floating in the sky at Cell Land, she checks out social media and notices that Sae-Yi is the culprit. Well, just before confronting Gu-Woong about it, the time turns midnight and Gu-Woong messages her, wishing the girl a happy birthday.

When they head out for dinner that night, Yu-Mi’s cells try to guess what Gu-Woong has got her. Between perfume and jewellery, the reality is he’s got her a portable charger… uh! What?

After seeing the portable charger Yumi feels really sad and of course had to be like that, who even gets a portable charger for someone you like? But it turns out both us and Yumi were wrong. Inside that happens to be a necklace. She hurriedly puts it on before Gu-Woong invites her over to the office.

After coming up with a big plan to catch Sae-Yi off-guard, the Cells find themselves caught out when Sae-Yi shows up in the bathroom. Sae-Yi admits that she and Woong have been friends since college and with Louis, who used to be called the “three eagles”.

When Sae-Yi reveals that she helped Woong pick out her necklace, and she watches them working closely together, flowers of doubt start to blossom in Yu-Mi’s Cell Land.

Yu-Mi eventually skips out, deciding not to get in the way anymore. Although leaving Sae-Yi’s presence helps clear up Cell Land, it doesn’t do much good since Gu-Woong forgets to message him and leaves his phone at the office.

He’s actually gone over to Yu-Mi’s place with food though! He admits it’s one big misunderstanding as to the pair holding hands. As they prepare to head upstairs to Yu-Mi’s apartment together, the episode comes to an end.

The sixth episode shows a recap as Woong has come up to Yumi’s house after being unable to reach it. Dodging questions and curt answers, the male cells are worried that the two will break up.

But Yumi laughs. Dispersing the tension the two turn up at Yumi’s house. Another problem awaits, Woong’s Intestine cell acts up causing a stomachache. In the midst of a worried and embarrassed boy and a girl who wants to blow candles, the date turns downhill.

Instead of finding it peculiar, Yumi helps Woong feel better and the two doze off. The next morning a trip is planned to the beach and the cells have a field day. Yumi’s travel cell has been buried 6 feet under after being not used since a Phuket vacation 2 years ago.

Plans from everyone are being noted down as everyone wishes for a romantic time. Yumi has been handed the job to book a room as Woong proceeds to a meeting. Anxious Yumi has her work cut out for her with only one room still available, a glass door one. In a hurry to not miss out on a view, she screams into the phone.

Woong arrives in a swanky car, and the two are off to a lovey-dovey time at the hotel. With a cancellation impossible, Etiquette blaring her voice down her ears, Yumi chooses to not tell Woong who despises the room, and proceeds to file a customer complaint against the hotel staff.

Trying her best to hide her fault, the call recording is disclosed with Yumi’s scream for the glass room startling everyone. An embarrassed Yumi is finding reasons to save face, calling out Woong’s ‘uncomfortable situation’ at her house. His King Sullen cell makes a grand entrance deciding to be pissed off at the wrong time.

Yumi and Woong, both angry, decide to cancel their reservation. While Yumi is off to collect the bags, on their way back, Woong convinces himself to stay calm and return to the room. All’s well that ends well with the two back in each other’s arms or maybe even in bed!!!!!!

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