Yumi's Cells (Ep 3&4) Kdrama Review | A Frog Date?

Is love finally back in Yumi's life or is it just another dream of her?

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Yumi's cells are back with another duo of episodes. A few weeks into the release and fans have already started loving the drama. It is a whole new concept of a love story and of course who can forget the cute cells we get to see in each episode?

Episode 3 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Yu-mi forcing herself to laugh through Gu-Woong’s awful jokes. Thankfully their coffee is ready, with Gu-Woong keeps the conversation flowing by discussing what he’s working on back home.

While it looks like the date is going well, in Cell Land Hunger strikes. And just in time too given Emotion and the other cells are so tired. Hilariously, Hunger plays the flute which is what causes her stomach to rumble.

Gu-Woong hears this but pretends he doesn’t, encouraging Yu-Mi to join him at a restaurant of his choice. In fact, she absolutely loves the food there too, wolfing down the dishes.

This is enough to win over a lot of the cells – except Emotion. The moment her hunger is fulfilled she is caught by another cell which was Emotion. Yumi started feeling sad for no reason which is why the other cells had to use the emotion doll to keep her smiling.

She keeps her guard up despite Gu-Woong hitting all the right notes. Thinking on his feet after the dinner date, Gu-Woong suggests they go to the park and check out the frogs. While there, one of the workers asks if they’re a couple.

While a bit awkward to begin with, Finance kicks in for Yu-Mi and focuses on how much money she can save if she says yes. Well, one thing leads to another and the pair snap a couple of photos together, which Yu-Mi decides to put up on social media.

This singular act attracts the attention of Ru-Bi, who immediately rings Gu-Woong and asks what’s going on. Gu-Woong reassures her and ends the conversation quickly, keeping his focus on Yu-Mi.

As they talk, Gu-Woong admits that he thinks Ru-Bi is weird, especially given the girl refers to herself in the third person. It’s enough to make Yu-Mi giggle – properly this time – and let her guard down a bit.

With the date going so well, Hysteria shows up in Cell land and presses the mood lever down, sending Yu-Mi into a depressive downward spiral. Because of this, she suddenly skips out and decides to go home.

While abrupt, this seems to b a knee-jerk reaction to her starting to date again and she left to save herself any heartache. Unfortunately, this has the knock-on effect of making Gu-Woong worried and wondering why she’s not replying to his messages.

Gu Woong immediately heads online to search but jumps to conclusions, believing it’s because of his beard. After shaving it off, Yu-Mi finally messages to let him know she’s okay and had fun. On her way to work, Gu-Woong messages back and lets her know that he’s shaved his beard. Hilariously, Yu-Mi doesn’t actually care but tries to figure out if it’s slang or some sort of codeword.

With Hysteria still attacking Cell land, and Yu-Mi struggling to keep her usual calm and happy demeanour going, Gu-Woong messages and asks her out on a dinner date. The only trouble is, Yu-Mi’s phone breaks before she can reply.

Gu-Woong seeks counsel from Sae-Yi, who checks out the text messages and believes that Yu-Mi wanted to end the conversation but he didn’t get the hint, making him seem clingy.

At work, Yu-Mi feels ill and decides to head home. Outside the building though, Ru-bi follows and suggests she ring Woong and let him know. Instead, she decides to let rip on the girl, letting out all her pent-up frustrations on her and admitting that she’s always been alone – and will continue to do so given that’s what makes her comfortable.

As they talk, Woong suddenly shows up with an umbrella. Yu-Mi turns and looks at him in amazement. This episode was quite touching and probably gave yumi all the green flags she needed. Episode 4 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Gu-Woong arriving with his umbrella.

This singular act works to turn the lights back on in Cell Land, bringing Yu-Mi to look at Gu-Woong in a much more positive light. He was curious about her lack of a reply and showed up to check on her. Gu-Woong breathes a sigh of relief when he finds out about Yu-Mi’s broken phone. She wasn’t ignoring him after all!

In Cell Land, one of Gu-Woong’s Cells shows up to check out the village. However, the cells there refuse to allow it and punch him away.

There are more pressing concerns though and as Yu-Mi passes out and runs a fever. With alarm bells wailing in Gu-Woong’s Cell Land, they activate sprint mode and let Gu-Woong carry her to the nearest hospital for treatment.

When she wakes up, Yu-Mi learns what Gu-Woong went through for her. In fact, he even buys her new clothes with a frog on the front. This singular act sees a frog shows up in Yu-Mi’s Cell Land and helps save all the different cells, cleaning up the village and making sure Hysterius can’t come back.

It even saves Love and True Feelings too. Only, it turns out the frog is just an outfit for Gu-Woong’s love cell. Sneaky!

Gu-Woong returns to the hospital to check on her, eventually seeing her throw the same joke back in regard to Seoul time.

The pair have a wonderful date and as the pangs of romance start to spread, Bulletin Board Cell shows up late at night to help clear up Yu-Mi’s cluttered mind. Now, it turns out everyone has their own bulletin board and this is simply a way to sort one’s mind out at the end of the day.

When he leaves Yu-Mi, Gu-Woong heads back to check on Sae-Yi, who happens to be tipsy. Gu-Woong decides to activate his defence mode, which is interpreted as a bear, acting dumb and defending himself from her advances. Thankfully Louis awakens just in time, saving them from a lot of awkwardness.

Saturday rolls around and Fashion Cell wakes up Cell Land, desperate to try and wake Yu-Mi up so they can go shopping. Her prayer wakes up the deity, who in turn encourages Fashion to sing. This works to wake up Yu-Mi, who goes shopping, hopeful to buy a stunning outfit for himself.

Lust Cell shows up and decides to spice things up, talking about kissing and trying to make her unbutton her dress. Well, Yu-Mi ends up spilling coffee all the way down her dress, ruining everything.

With Lust Cell being kept under control (just about) by the other Cells, Gu-Woong finds his Cell Land under attack by Lustasaurus, which stomps around the ground breathing fire.

It’s a hilarious way of depicting both of their feelings, and as Yu-Mi tries to stop Gu-Woong from using fabric softener, the two look at each other longingly. Unfortunately, Gu-Woong’s phone rings, distracting them. It’s a work emergency and he has to go. Goddamnit!

With their date broken up, for now, Gu-Woong promises to message her and gets the taxi home. Yu-Mi meanwhile, decides to get the bus. Afterwards, Gu-Woong decides to head over and give her dress back. In doing so, he catches on that she wanted to kiss him and tries to rectify that.

Tentatively, Gu-Woong holds her hand and pulls Yumi in close, holding the crook of her back and kissing her passionately. Until now, episode 4 was the most loved episode of Yumi's cell. The fact that both of them just fit with each other is loved by fans.

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