Yumi's Cells (Ep 13) Review| Break Up

Are Yu-Mi and Goo- Woong finally over?

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Episode 13 of Yumi’s Cells begins with Woong walking away and prioritizing himself over Yu-Mi. He packs up his things, leaves the key on the table and moves out.

Yu-Mi is crushed but while she busies herself with work, Woong is distracted when he notices a light blinking. He decides to change it himself. This sets up a chain reaction of bad luck, as the table snaps and he falls hard on the ground.

At work, Bobby ends up talking to Yu-Mi about her work. He can tell there’s something up with her, seeing a visible decline in the quality of her writing. This is only compounded further when she forgets to attach a file to a work email.

Yu-Mi is lonely, and when she heads home and notices the drawers empty, that only makes the situation worse. She also finds a note from Woong too, apologizing for breaking the table and promising o replace it.

Woong heads out to the furniture store but realizes the price of a new table is 1.5 million, which would set him back a lot. Well, he decides to get an advance on his wage and heads over briefly to tell Yu-Mi all about it.

He doesn’t stick around though, but Yu-Mi is upset that he’s sending money over, especially as she knows how bad his financial situation is. She pleads with him not to but he sends it anyway.

Despite Love falling in Cell Land and Yu-Mi's disappointment, an upcoming wedding for Woong’s friend Young-Gu is enough of an incentive to patch up their differences. At least in Yu-Mi’s eyes. While Woong heads off with the groom, Yu-Mi is left to eat food with Louis.

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However, Yu-Mi overhears a couple of Woong’s old buddies talking about Sae-Yi and how she’s Woong’s type. This makes her uncomfortable and she heads off for some air. Woong follows through and decides they should go to Samcheong-Dong, which, to be fair, they were going to go to afterward anyway.

While they walk, Yu-Mi asks outright just what he likes about her, needing that reassurance to keep those pangs of love alive. Instead, Woong dodges the question which sends Hysterius Cell into a mad frenzy in Cell Land.

Despite the chaos there, Yu-Mi’s love for Woong continues… until he sends a really short text back to her heartfelt message. “You too” is all he can muster.

Off the back of this, Yu-Mi wonders whether she should just break up with Woong. Love Cell has been losing power for a while, randomly falling while out flying and not controlling Cell Land as effectively.

Yu-Mi decides to use the Break-Up card… until she sees Woong acting sweetly with her the next day. Woong is really cheery and even invites Yu-Mi out to a brand-new restaurant.

Their lovely afternoon makes things all the more difficult for Yu-Mi to break things off, and instead decides they should just think things through.

Woong’s changed attitude actually happens to be thanks to his Cell Land, which analyzed the data prior to this afternoon and realized that a break-up was imminent.

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This is enough for Woong to realize how much he cares for Yu-Mi and do his best to try and convince her against breaking up. Interestingly, Yu-Mi is wearing a black shirt on this date, the polar opposite of her usual bright and cheery white. It’s a small observation but a clever one to depict her internal emotions.

However, with a breakup imminent, Yumi’s Cells leaves things wide open for where this one may go during its finale tomorrow.

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