Your Smile is a Trap Webtoon Season 1 Review

Ahn Kiyu, ex-idol trainee, Lily Cha, the rumored bully, what happens when they become friends?

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With so many great Manhwas and Webtoons out there, not mentioning Your Smile is a Trap would be a sin. Your Smile is a Trap is 2020 Korean Manhwa available on the Webtoon platform.

The popular webtoon is created by  AENGO and is a romantic comedy series. Your Smile is a Trap Webtoon starts out great and season 1 ends at a good cliffhanger.

Mondays are totally worth it again. Your Smile is a Trap is released every Monday and a total of 56 episodes are available. Currently, Season 2 is ongoing.

It will be interesting to see the development of characters.

Your Smile is a Trap starts with Ahn Kiyu, an ex-idol trainee who quit the showbiz industry and moves back with his grandma in pursuit of normal life.

Everyone around Kiyu adores him because of his exceptionally good looks.  

Kiyu is the definition of ethereal beauty and his good looks can serve as an advantage and a disadvantage as well.  

On the road to success, Kiyu suddenly decides to leave Seoul and live with his grandma.

Will Kiyu be successful in hiding his identity?

He dreams of ordinary high school life, making lots of friends and people who will see him for himself rather than his face or because he’s an idol.

He decides to put on glasses to hide his identity in his new school and remain distant from the limelight.

Kiyu wanted to keep a low profile and blend in with everyone in his new school. Only there are a couple of problems to his smooth sailing high school life.  

After joining the new school, Kiyu faces the reality. Making friends is not all that easy.

Kiyu’s average looks make it difficult for him to approach others, and his peers have literally no interest in him.

On top of that Kiyu is socially awkward and the only blessing in disguise right now is his neighbor at school and home, Lily Cha, the school bully.

Who is Lily Cha?

Kiyu’s grandma is literally an angel. Not only she has good looks, but she also has good social skills and is a kind-hearted person.

Mr. Cha and his daughter Lily Cha moved in and became neighbors of Grandma Ahn when Lily was young. Due to their terrifying face, both daughter and father have to suffer a lot.

The rumors got out of hand, and at some point affected both the Cha family.

Well, one of the bad things about perhaps Korean society is the judgmental looks given for your appearance.

But then again, it’s not just Korea but almost every society that judges you based on appearance and rather than the truth.

Lily’s school life becomes troublesome when fake rumors about her father spread. The rumors surrounding Mr. Cha is that he’s a gangster when it’s completely false.

Cha Ajusshi has a flower shop and is extremely kind. His cooking is a top-notch skill that even Kiyu falls in love with his cooking.

Grandma Ahn was kind to them and helped them settle down in society.

Mrs. Ahn wants Lily and Kiyu to be friends because she’s aware of awesome Lily is. Kiyu becomes Lily’s neighbor in school and sits next to him.

Their first meeting was nothing less than tragic. Kiyu accidentally ripped Lily’s uniform and while trying to apologize and make up for her, the situation is misunderstood.

Everything thinks that Lily is a bully based on a groundless rumor. The peers think that Lily is bullying Kiyu and he is Lily’s errand boy.

Lily is not bothered by these rumors and tries to keep a distance from Kiyu.

She met Kiyu outside and thinks his face is too shiny. While at school she doesn’t have an idea that his neighboring deskmate is actually Kiku.

Does to some saesang fans who came chasing Kiyu to his new school. A nasty rumor spreads in the school that Kiyu is an idol.

Honestly, there’s not a single decent person in his school and everyone starts bothering and harassing Kiyu.

Kiyu was able to clear the rumors and explained that he was not an idol but an ex-idol trainee who left.

People start badmouthing Kiyu and two opportunist girls from his class find out his identity.

They try to befriend Kiyu and in the process end up breaking his glasses. This causes huge commotion and Kiyu’s identity is revealed.

People have gone crazy and started hounding Kiyu for his worth.

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Somehow  Lily gets involved and gives Kiyu shelter from the people who were chasing him.

The situation gets nasty when his overenthusiastic and nosy peers assume the worst of Lily and paint her as a bully.

From the beginning, Kiyu was only interested in making friends with Lily, but she turned him down.

The situation escalates and Kiyu asked Lily to become his friend.

In a shocking twist, Lily accepts to become his friend. However, the entire scene is misinterpreted by everyone and they think that Kiyu and Lily are dating.

Your Smile is a trap that ends with another classmate Honggu showing interest in Lily and asking her to become her friend.  

What are his motives? Why did he approach Lily?

What will happen in Your Smile is a Trap Season 2? Keep reading every Monday for future updates in Line Webtoon happy. Happy reading!