YOU Season 4: What is changed about Joe's personality?

What major changes do we see in Joe from YOU season 4.

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Joe's issues are addressed throughout You season 4, part 1's plot. You watch as Penn Badgley's portrayal of the antihero Joe Goldberg becomes fixated on his victims.

Joe's portrayal as a "nice guy" deceives the public into feeling sorry for him in spite of his truly heinous crimes.

A mysterious assassin who is pursuing Joe is left to carry out the murders in season 4, part 1.

While the first episode of season 4 does seem to be giving Joe a chance to turn his life around, the show is also starting to give Joe some of his own medicine.

Joe has frequently been shown alongside a more evil character in You episodes, such as Henderson in season 2.

The Eat The Rich killer from season 4 takes a similar route and is more like Joe than he'd like to admit.

However, a lot of Joe's recurring behaviors from the first three seasons—including stealing his obsession's personal items—are dropped in season 4.

Joe was pretty adept at persuading himself that he is acting appropriately in season 1.

But as Joe's death toll rises, he discovers that he might not be the "nice guy" he believes himself to be.

5. Season 4, "Joe's Obsession With "Love" is in limit by Season 4.

Joe used to spend the majority of the season stalking his obsession in previous seasons.

Although it is obviously creepy from the outside, Joe persuades himself that it is his way of expressing love.

The first episode ofseason 4 essentially does away with this tenet.

With Kate Galvin, Joe does start acting in his old ways, but he is trying very hard to stay out of it. Joe puts more effort into finding the Eat The Rich killer than worrying about Kate.

Joe is drawn into the mysterious killer's scheme after the Eat The Rich killer tries to frame him.

A disappearing message app is used by the murderer to start sending him messages.

The murderer eventually discovers Joe's true identity, which only gives Joe more motivation to solve the case.

At the conclusion of season 4, part 1, Joe does reject Kate despite his feelings for her in order to keep her secure.

Joe also wants to concentrate his efforts on finding the murderer now that he is aware that Rhys is the offender.

4. Joe doesn't try to make himself believe that he is a good person.

Joe actively attempts to break his old habits in season 4, part 1, and rebuffs his interest in Kate.

Joe deludes himself into believing he is a good person and that he is carrying out these grotesque acts out of love in season 1.

Joe begins to worry that he might be a bad guy in seasons 2 and 3. But despite his suspicions, he continues to pursue Love and Marienne.

Joe follows Marienne in season 4, part 1, who is terrified upon seeing him.

Joe comes across to Marienne as the real deal: "You believe it isn't you. You simply are a good man who made a mistake.

Joe, you are a murderer." Joe claims he is going to disprove Marienne after his words seem to resonate with hers.

While Joe does make an effort to convince himself that he is not like Rhys, he is aware of the wrongdoings he has committed, and his character arc seems to indicate that he gradually realizes the extent of these problems.

3. In Season 4 You of Joe Only Kills Out of Self-Defense

Joe has the fewest kills in the series so far in season 4, part 1.

In this season's murders, Rhys is the perpetrator rather than Joe. However, in season 4, episode 1, Joe does murder one person.

Following Joe after becoming suspicious of him, Adam's bodyguard Vic discovers Malcolm's ring—which had been placed on Joe.

When the two start fighting, Joe kills Vic in self-defence.

Although there are still five episodes left in season four of You, Joe's kill total is remarkably low by his standards.

Joe has been trying to change since season 2, but this is the first time he doesn't kill an innocent person.

Vic was only doing his job, but when it is shown that he accepts bribes, it is clear that he is just as much a part of the corrupt elite as his client, proving that Joe wasn't really getting rid of a good character.

Vic didn't deserve to pass away, but Joe didn't intend or want to include him among the casualties of season 4.

2. Joe Says Goodbye To One Of His Obsessions

Joe finally lets go of one of his obsessions in season 4, part 1.

There is a moment when Joe is on the verge of killing Marienne when he finally catches up to her in London that makes you wonder if that will be his fate.

He does, however, permit Marienne to leave so that she can visit her daughter at home.

After Quinn's family hitman, Elliot arrives to kill Joe, Joe is given another opportunity to murder Marienne.

Elliot threatens to give Joe a new identity if he kills Marienne because she is aware of all of Joe's crimes.

To make it appear as though he completed the task, Joe steals her necklace and sends it to Elliot rather than killing her.

Joe wants to show Marienne that he is not a bad person, even though letting her go is risky.

In previous seasons, Joe would murder his lover to conceal his identity and delude himself into believing that she had forced him to commit this heinous act.

Joe's decision to let Marienne go twice demonstrates that he is making an effort to alter his behaviour.

1. Joe Doesn't Stress About Having Children

In season three of You, Joe assumes a new role as a father.

Strangely enough, Joe adjusts to fatherhood fairly well, with the exception of his worry that Henry might end up like him.

However, when things don't work out, Joe has no problem giving his son to Dante and his partner, a coworker who was trying to adopt a child.

Joe mentions his son very little and doesn't seem to miss him much in season 4, part 1.

Even though Joe showed concern for his son in season 3, he is probably aware that he is not Henry's ideal father.

Joe is not a good caretaker for Henry because of his history of murder. It was wise of you to leave Henry out of Joe's thoughts in Season 4, Part 1.

Henry is better off with Dante and his companion, even though Joe's role as a father made for compelling drama.

Joe's biggest issues are addressed in season 4, part 1, but it's unclear how this will impact his outcome.

Until season 4, part 2 debuts on March 9th, it won't be known if Joe continues to improve himself in season 4.

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