You Raise Me Up Kdrama Review

Why did Lee Ru da help Do Young Shik? What is DO Ji Hyeok's angle with Young Shik?

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You Raise Me Up Kdrama Review

You Raise Me Up is an 8 episode Kdrama that started airing in 2021. Yoon Si Yoon, Park Ki Woong, and Hani starring You Raise Me Up is a romantic comedy that is totally worth the watch. As always Yoon Si Yoon is adorable and charming. This role is extremely different from his last roles and he is here to slay.

You Raise Me Up Kdrama introduces their character with a likable vibe. You end up liking the characters the sooner you meet them. Meet Do Young Shik (Yoon Si Yoon), a 31-year-old guy preparing for the civil service exam for six years. When Young Shik was young, he was attractive, had a bright future, and was full of potential.

Due to financial hardships and no luck with success, Young Shik has low self-esteem. He broke up with his girlfriend due to his physical appearance and affinity towards pink color.

Pink for him is something comfortable and this gives people a very wrong impression. His obsession with Pink can be seen through his entire house and clothing choice. Well, without a doubt Pink suits Yoon Si Yoon, he can pull anything off.

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Lee Ru Da (Hani) is a urologist. She is entangled with his on-off fighting boyfriend Do Ji Hyeok (Park Ki Woong), the psychiatrist. The trio gets intertwined when Young Shik visits a urology clinic for getting treatment for erectile dysfunction.

The worse nightmare begins for him when his first love (Lee Ru Da) happens to be the doctor in front of him.  In a state of panic, he makes a run for his life and leaves his phone behind. Ji Hyeok picks up his phone and tries to give it to him but to no avail.

Ru Da and Ji Hyeok have a complicated relationship, neither of them wants to back and their ego is holding their relationship. Young Shik becomes sandwiched between this couple when both of them have ulterior motives for treating him.

As diagnosed by Ru Da, Young Shik has psychological trauma and low self-esteem. Things get worse when Young Shik lies about his profession and pretends to be well off.

Previously, Ru Da brags about her first love to Ji Hyeok who does not take the news kindly. He meets Young Shik and returns his phone when he comes to retrieve it.

With not-so-pure intentions, Ji Hyeok counsels Young Shik and introduces Ru Da and somehow the charade gets exposed. Emotionally wounded Young Shik almost commits suicide only to be comforted by Ru da, who also does not have any kind of intentions.

Although at some point Ru Da does try her best to help Young Shik get over his emotional trauma, she crosses a line that he does not take it nicely.  Somehow through a series of strings, there are some changes in Yong Shik. He finally has a makeover to impress Ru Da, but arrives at the wrong time. He hears the conversation between Ru Da and Ji Hyeok which was painful to hear.

Both of them did not have good intentions toward Young Shik and wanted to use him to win their ego.  What will happen to the trio, watch till the end of the drama to find out. You Raise Me Up Kdrama is available in Viki. You Raise Me Up has 8 episodes and the last two episodes are yet to be subbed! Enjoy watching Yoon Si Yoon as he tries his best to change for the better perhaps!

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