5 Reasons To Stream "You Are My Spring" Kdrama

You Are My Spring is a 2021 Kdrama that is sweet but bitter; the drama is a warm comfort, find out why!

cast of the show

You Are My Spring is a 2021 TvN Kdrama that aired in 2021. You Are My Spring was quite an unexpected drama, prepare for one hell of a joyride. The Kdrama seemed like a sweet love story, but it’s actually much more interesting, which is why You Are My Spring Kdrama is worth all the attention. Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, and Yoon Park starring You Are My Spring is a must watch Kdrama this season for several reasons.

5. Good cast of You Are My Spring

Seldom do we get a Kdrama cast where all the characters contribute equally and compel you to be with them through your screens till the next characters appear. The main cast includes :

  • Seo Hyung Jin as Kang da Jeong, a woman working in the hospitality industry. She has her own scars and troubling past with a long list of troublesome love life. Kang Da Jeong meets two different men who change her life.
  • Kim Dong Wook plays the role of Ju Yong Do, a psychiatrist who does his best to live a diligent life. He received a heart transplant but still has to face health issues from time to time due to overworking and feeling responsible for everything.
  • Yoon Park plays two characters, the role of twins who had a troubling past and a life of misfortune. He plays the role of Ian Chase and Choi Jeong Min.
  • Nam Gyu Ri plays the role of Ahn Ga Yeong, a famous actress who is also the ex-wife of Ju Yeong Do. She had mental health issues in the past but is working in the present to overcome them.
  • Kim Ye Won as Park Eun Ha, the BFF of Kang Da Jung and runs the cafe in the Gugu building.
  • Ji Seung Hyun as Seo Ha Neul, the veterinarian and friend of Ju Yeong Do and Cheon Seung Won.
  • Kim Seo Kyung as Cheon Won, BFF of Ha Neul and Yong Do. He is PD at a broadcasting station; pretty nosy and takes every opportunity to be around Yeng Do.
  • Han Min as park Cheol Do, Eun Ha’ twin brother and friends with Da Jung.

4. The Duality of Yoon Park

You Are My Spring is a fast-paced drama, although some scenes were emotional and really slow, no complaints there!  The most surprising character was Ian Chase and Choi Jeong Min played by Yoon Park. The twin brothers met Da Jeong and Young Do when they were kids at the orphanage.

The encounter became a cause of misery for everyone. Choi Jeong Min seemed sweet to Da Jeong yet creepily stalked her. Something about the character was unsettling. If that wasn’t enough, Yoon Park’s character Jeong Min commits suicide early in Your Are My Spring.

He later enters as Yoon Park, a distinguished surgeon from overseas who stays at the hotel where Da Jeong works. Ian Chase is more complex than one can imagine. At times his character will give you goosebumps, and make you curious and anxious at the same time. The most unpredictable character of You Are My Spring Kdrama is Ian Chase.    

3. The friendly dynamic between the characters

The characters were enjoyable and leaves a deep impression. The dynamics between Da Jeong, Young Do, and Ga Yeong (ex-wife) were one of the highlights of the friendship. They have an amicable relationship where most of the time Ga Yeong crashes at Da Jeong’s house.  

When Ga Yeong ended up in a scandal, Da Jeong protected her and gave her a temporary place to stay. They become friends with Eun Ha and it’s cute when Ga Yeong calls Eun Ha “Galaxy Park”. She roots Yong Do and Da Jeong’s relationship and even gives him an earful when he wanted to be  “just friends with Da Jeong”.

Most of the entertaining characters in You Are My Spring was Ha Neul and Seung Won, who are overprotective of Young Do. The BFF trio cares for each other and the silly moments of bickering was worth watching. The Park twin's screen presence was a good addition to the story. They were there for Da Jeong.  

2. Good plot

You Are My Spring opens up with a murder. Not really a light drama if you watch it, yet this drama makes you feel light. The characters all reside or work in the new apartment complex. You are My Spring revolves around Da Jeong, a hotel concierge who has a painful breakup and a habit of falling for trashy men.

Young Do meets her when everyone gathered together and in the first meeting brutally analyses her, which pisses her off. Later it is revealed Young Do is a psychiatrist/ crime consultant/ radio station guest councilor/ sees outpatient as well. He truly is the definition of hardworking.

The BFF Eun Ha pushes Da Jeong to date Choi Jeong Min, who later ends up dead. He turns out to be a killer, commits suicide, and psychologically hurts Da Jeong. But surprise, later it is revealed that he committed suicide to protect Da Jeong and to clean up after his twin Ian Chase.

1. Entertaining and cliffhangers till the end

Ian Chase’s entry to the story was the most shocking and unexpected twist in You Are My Spring.  As most viewers were suspecting, Ian Chase instigated the real killer to commit murders, but his brother ends up getting tangled.

Overall, You Are My Spring has a happy ending for everyone including Ian Chase.  You Are My Spring is available on Netflix and is highly recommended for binge-watching. High Class Kdrama replaced You Are My Spring Kdrama and you can enjoy both shows.  Happy streaming!