Yamazaki Kento: 8 Must-watch Movies & Series Recommendations

8 Best Movies & Series Recommendation of Yamazaki Kento. Kento Yamazaki played L in Death Note, Shin in Kingdom

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Yamazaki Kento is a talented and very popular Japanese actor who has acted in many great projects.

The talented actor has delivered amazing projects with diverse roles that will surely melt the viewer’s heart.

Kento is more than just eye candy, he can really act well.

He has played so many different roles but one thing’s for sure that he has played many live-action adaptations of anime and manga series.

The actor is famous for many works that are both good and definitely good. His acting is amazing, and we can only blame the script if it didn’t work out.  

The Disastrous Life of Saiki K is a disaster that fans would love to delete from their memories.

The same goes for Love is Hard for an Otaku live-action which was a comical mess.

Yamazaki Kento has worked on some of the best projects and new movies.

8. Good Doctor (2018)

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Kento plays the role of Minato Shindo, a young gifted doctor suffering from Savant Syndrome.

It was nice to see Yamazaki Kento play this role as he beautifully portrayed this role.

There cannot be any comparison between the Korean and Japanese series, but Kento does justice to the role.

Joo Won will be forever remembered for this masterpiece and Kento has delivered.

The 10 episodes of the 2018 drama are a must-watch!!!

7. Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable (2017)

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This movie is based on the popular ongoing Japanese Manga of the same, which also had an anime series.

Sure, the hairstyles are definitely weird but Yamazaki makes even that look amazing.

If you’ve watched Gintama, you must have surely watched Gintoki crack jokes about stand users and Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure references.

Watching Yamazaki Kento nail the role of Josuke Higashikata and if this isn’t a good enough reason to watch it, I’ll give you two more.

Masaki Okada and Mackenyu are part of the star cast. It was good to see them act together in this movie.

The graphics might not be appealing but the story was decent.  

6. Your lie in April (2016)

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Your Lie in April is based on manga and anime of the same name.

Can you see the pattern here?!!

Watch Kento play the role of a piano prodigy Kosei Arima.

What lies is he telling in April, aren’t you curious?

The movie title definitely makes people curious about the plot and if you’re not familiar with the series, here’s a little synopsis.

This is an emotional and complicated movie about a prodigy who stopped playing the piano due to trauma.

How he recovers and whether he recovers from it or not, you need to watch it in order to find out!

5. Orange (2015)

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Well, Orange, too is based on a manga and anime of the same name.

No surprise here!

The secret otaku Ouija sama is back with another splendid hit.

The anime must have made several fans cry, and many of them dread watching the live-action.

But can you stop your temptations and not refrain from watching Kento in this amazing Live action?

Bet no! Watch Yamazaki as he plays the role of Naruse and you can find out if the movie differs from the anime/manga or not!

Will the future be changed is a question you can answer if you watch this movie!  

4. Todomo no Kiss (2018)

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Kiss that kills or Todomo no Kiss was a masterpiece for 10 episode drama.

This is one of the dramas I wished would have an anime movie or a Korean remake.

Not because the series is bad, but because the series was just mind-blowing and how you wish it was adapted to see your favorite Kdrama stars play the role.

But, we can all wish!

Watching Yamazaki play the scum and a playboy who gets over and over was hilarious and painful at the same time.  

The end was justified and very realistic, and for that kudos to the drama writers and makers.

Another amazing reason to watch the series is because of Makenyu, who played an equal scumbag role, which he perfectly nailed!

The star cast included the Gintama series famed Masaki Suda, Hayato Sano, Mugi Kadowaki, and Yuko Araki.

3. LDK

a young man conversing with someone

LDK, another shoujo manga-based movie stars Yamzaki as Kugayama.

LDK is a shoujo romance movie that you can watch.

Kento plays again, as an Ouji Sama who cold-heartedly rejects everyone’s confessions.

It’s a very cliche and common story, but this movie has its own charm!

2. Death Note (2015)

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The popular Death Note Franchise continued where Kento played L.

Death Note needs no introduction, and the entire anime-loving community is aware of the popular series.

Watching L battle Light Yagami will give you a sense of excitement and relief.

The 2006 original live-action was amazing and Yamazaki Kento has done a good job to portray L.

1. Kingdom (2019)

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The kingdom is the highest-grossing movie collected at the box office of the year.

The movie is based on manga/anime of the same written by Yasuhisa Hara.

The movie was absolutely breathtaking and is a must-watch whether you’re a Yamazaki fan or not.  

The dialogues and scenes were just too good and hilarious. The action was on point.

Yamazaki was really beautiful as Xin/Shin, a war orphan who helped Yi Zheng, the prince of Qin.

The movie has a stellar cast which includes Gintama's famed Ryo Yoshizawa.

Yamazaki and Ryo were eye candies and their gags would just make you go in awe!

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