Yamazaki Kento: Is The Japanese Actor An Otaku In Secret?

Kento Yamazaki is extremely famous in Japan and overseas. Kento is known as the Prince of Anime or Shounen. He has starred in many incredible movies and is a recognized actor.

Yamazaki Kento

The popular Japanese actor Yamazaki Kento is a name synonymous with many famous works. He is a popular actor who has worked in many different roles. Notably, Kento Yamazaki has played many roles, especially in different live-action series.

Kento Yamazaki is famous for series like Death Note, Kingdom, and many others. The things common in his choice of work scream his likeness towards anime/manga works.

Could Yamazaki Kento secretly be an Otaku? There are many Japanese actors who have played similar roles and Japan makes a number of movies based on manga/anime or visual novels.  

Kento Yamazaki has worked in many hit movies and series and it’s really amazing to see him portray different roles.

Watching Kento act is a blessing for the eyes. His acting skills have diversity and you’ll never get bored of his acting. He knows how to portray himself as a hero or a scum very well.

Kento’s roles are unique and almost all the series he has starred in are really popular even outside of Japan. His new Netflix series Alice in Borderland created a huge sensation this year.

Yamazaki had an early debut. He was scouted when he was in third grade! This man is so talented!

His first TV drama was Atami no Sousakan in 2010. Kento starred in many Tv series and movies like  Another in 2011.

In the same year, he was in the lead role in movies like Control Tower and The wings of Kirin.

Yamazaki Kento got his breakthrough from the 2014 movie LDK. Notably, Another and LDK are both based on manga. Kento rose to popularity and instantly became the Ouji Sama (Prince).  

Is Yamazki Kento Korean?

Yamazaki Kento is a famous Japanese actor, so No! He’s not Korean. Yamazaki is Japanese. I bet you’ve seen him acting in many live-action anime adaptations and series.

Kento Yamazaki is extremely famous in Japan and overseas. Kento is known as the Prince of Anime or Shounen. He has starred in many incredible movies and is a recognized actor.  

He is known for his charm, wits, and super acting ability to play diverse roles. His role in Todomo no Kiss was really different from Xin (Shin) in Kingdom.

Kento has starred in even disastrous movie (no pun intended) of The Disastrous Life of Saiki K which was a really bad live-action movie made.

His famous movie Kingdom is scheduled for part 2 which will be out soon probably in 2021 or 2022.

Who Has Kento Yamazaki Voiced?

Yamazaki has starred in popular roles in Orange, LDK, Kingdom, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Wotakoi: Love is Hard for an Otaku, Good Doctor, Alice in Borderland, and many others.

Kento voiced Yu in the Ni No Ku Ni anime movie.    

How Old Is Yamazaki Kento?

Kento Yamazaki was born on 7th September 1994. As of 2021, Yamazaki is 26 years old.

Yamazaki Kento & Mackenyu

Yamazaki Kento

Mackenyu & Yamazaki Kento are good friends on and off-screen. They have previously worked in Todomo no Kiss (Kiss that Kills) in 2018.

They were back together to voice for the new anime movie Ni No Ku Ni. This movie is available on Netflix!  They have lent their voices to the lead roles.

Yamazaki Kento Best Movies & Dramas

These are the best movies and series of Yamazaki Kento that are highly recommended. The list is in random order but all of them are guaranteed to be amazing and awesome.

Prepare to get Awestruck by Yamazaki Kento! Kento has played famous roles like L in Death Note, Saiki K in The Disastrous Life of Saiki K, and Xin/Shin in Kingdom. Yamazaki Kento plays the role of Minato Shindo in the Good Doctor series.

The series is a 2013 South Korean remake. Watching Todomo no Kiss, Orange, Another, Your Lie in April is a must.  

Kento Yamazaki & Awards

Yamazaki Kento
39th Japan Academy Awards

  • Yamazaki Kento received the 39th Japan Academy Film Prize in the category of Newcomer of the Year in 2016 for the Orange movie. Orange is based on a manga and has an anime as well!
  • In 2018 he received 98th Television Drama Academy Awards for his role in Good Doctor in the Best Actor Category. Good Doctor is a remake of the popular 2013 Kdrama starring Joo Won.
  • He also received an award in the same year for Kiss that Kills in Beijing IQiyi Scream Night Award for Asian Newcomer of The Year. Kento was also awarded for Good doctor as well.
  • Kento Yamazaki was placed in Forbes Asia 100 Digital Stars in 2020.  

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