Will There Be Snow White With Red Hair Season 3?

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Anime is something that connects people with fantasies and imagination.

People deeply connect with this world where they forget about their worries and stress.

Fans are deeply connected with their favorite anime characters and that is why there’re expecting “Snow white with red hair season 3”.

When we hear this name we often think of the Disney movie “Snow White and the seven dwarfs”.

But rest assured this is totally different from the Disney movie.

Snow White with red hair is an anime adaption from the manga series Akagami no Shirayukihime.

It tells the story of a snow-white with an unusual shade of red color and her journey as a court herbalist.

SWWRH is a Japanese fantasy romance anime series also known for its Japanese name Akagami no Shirayukihime.

Sorata Akizuki wrote the manga and the first series got published in the year 2006.

After a long time, the anime series got into adaption, and the first season of Snow White with red hair was published in July 2015.

Fans immediately fell in love with this anime and the second season got premiered in the year 2016.

Now fans are expecting its third season and eagerly waiting for its release.

Should Fans Expect Snow White With Red Hair Season 3?

Although there are no official announcements of season 3, season 2 didn’t show the proper ending for Zen and Shirayuki’s love story.

So fans are expecting more of the romantic relationship of Zen and Shirayuki in season 3.

Another reason could be the production delays by producers.

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This Beautiful series is produced by the Bones Studio.

Currently, the Bones Studio is already busy with other anime series like ‘My Hero academia season 4’, ‘Mob Psycho 100 Season 3’, and ‘Bungo Stray Dogs 3’.

There is no confirmation from the Bones Studio about Snow white with red hair season 3.

Any Teasers For Season 3?

To adapt from the manga series, this anime covered volume 8, which includes 32 chapters of the respective manga.

Now following the flow order of the manga, the new season might show Shirayuki visiting the northern territory of Clarine’s kingdom.

The Scholar District is famous because the people in that area have a vast knowledge of herbs and botany.

Therefore, Shirayuki will explore and make new herbs under the guidance of Ryuu.

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They will encounter Prince Izana in the Lilias Pavilion.

Shirayuki will then recall the memories of how she first met Prince Izana, where he questioned Zen and Shirayuki’s relationship.

On the other hand, we will see what Zen is up to. Zen goes to his bedroom after work, where he recalls the touch of Shirayuki’s hand and misses her badly.

Meanwhile, someone enters his bedroom with a piece of a newsletter sent from the northern territory.

This news urges him to travel to the north. What was exactly written in the news? Will Zen meet Shirayuki? What dangers are awaiting them in the northern territory?

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