Why You Should Read The Breaker Manhwa?
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Why You Should Read The Breaker Manhwa?

Why You Should Read The Breaker Manhwa?

The Breaker Manhwa is a South Korean series whose author is Jeon Geuk-Jin and drawn by Park Jin-Hwan.

The main protagonist of the story is Shiwoon Yi who is a timid high schooler and he becomes the discipline in Chunwoo-Haa. He is a martial artist who becomes the enemy of the martial artist society also known as Murim. It is has been translated into various languages.

The Breaker Manhwa starts off when Shiwoon Yi becomes the member of Murim the secret martial arts organisation and earns the title of Nine Arts Dragon. The martial arts organisation Murim lives in harmony with the current modern world.

The Breaker Manhwa

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What is a Murim?

Murim is a secret martial arts organisation. It is also a term which is used for martial arts world. No one know exactly when Murim world came into being. It is just an speculation that murim came into being with the help of powerful individuals or martial artists who hid themselves deep into mountains and attain enlightenment.

The difference between the real world and Murim World is quite a lot. The difference in power and mentality is the main one. In order to stop both worlds from colliding into each other various dojos and sects are established. Its role is to keep the power in check.

The power is kept in check for a long time. There are various people too he breaks these rules and these are known as breakers. For example, Goomoonryong breaks the balance between the real world and the murim.

The Breaker Manhwa showcase how the Murim world work. It is displayed that various dojos are functioned from centuries and they are passed with each generation. There is a relation of disciple and master which is intimate and greater than that of father and son and can be said is like father and son.

Soon after the appearance of various monks, people became fascinated with their powers they want to be like them. Thats how various sects and dojos came into being as those monks accepted disciples and the murim world spread at a rapid pace and grew bigger. There are countless disciples in the murim world now.

The Breaker Manhwa showcase how the power kept in check with the normal world and the murim world. As the people in Murim can easily take down the whole nation or government. So Murim world is kept in secret and only some administrative in the government knows about it.

Murim world is governed by the martial arts alliance. The alliance seems to be in conflict with the Group called Black Forest Defence who wants or wishes the destruction of the Murim World and the reason is not disclosed until now.

The Breaker Manhwa

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The Breaker Manhwa includes martial arts which is also known as forest, it is said to be derived by monks who developed these as a means of protection from wild animals while they were secluded deep in the woods.

The Breaker Manhwa is one of the best manhwa if you are a fan of action related manhwathan you should definitely read it or just give it a try.