Why To Binge Read Girls Of The Wild Manhwa?

Girls of the Wild Manhwa is a South Korean Manhwa. The author of this webtoon is Hun and the illustrations are done by Zhena.

Why To Binge Read Girls Of The Wild Manhwa?

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Girls of the Wild Manhwa is a South Korean Manhwa. The author of this webtoon is Hun and the illustrations are done by Zhena. It was released on 7 August, 2011on Naver Webtoon. Girls of the Wild Manhwa starts off from a male main character who took admission in an all girls high school which is for champion fighters. So he began his mixed martial arts training there  while dealing whith all sort of struggle from gangsters to bullies.

The main character of this manhwa is Jaegu Song, who is a teenager which is just trying to take care of his small siblings which are in kindergarten. So, while taking care he gets a scholarship from Wild’s High which is all girl school. The sole purpose of this private school is to produce martial artist girls which will be treated as maidens in the society. So, dont know how Jaegu gets admission as well as scholarship in that school. But he becomes the centre target of all the girls. The girls in that school wants to become friend of Jaegu.

The real story starts when he makes a lot of female friends and the girl which is considered as a Queen in that school develops romantic feeling for our main character Jaegu. First of all he becomes friend with the friend of the Queen. He also becomes friend with the boxing club president to make things more worse.

So, as the story dwells further there comes Jaegu’s high school classmate who targets Jaegu. In order to face his classmate the school girls began to train Jaegu to face his rival. From that day onwards Queen, Jaegu, Moonyoung and Daldal become good friends.

Girls of the Wild Manhwa involves lot of fights and how they all overcomes the situations are very intriguing. But the thing is the series is very intriguing at first its hype is also quite. But the plot of the  story starts to crumble after some chapters. As the series progresses to its ending it becomes a mess.

The plot of the series starts to mess up while coming to chapter 260. The main story revolves around the character Jaegu but Ingui is shown to  be in love with Jaegu but it is shown after a while. In between she stays away from the main setting of the plot which is quite amusing.

The main focus of the story should not be the Slice of Drama but the fights onto which the actual series started and suddenly it shifted its genre. There is no sense of character development as we arrives in the middle of this manhwa.

The biggest problem to be faced in this manhwa is its ending how much it stays away from the actual story which is very confusing. The character that can be said to be the best in the series is Daldal whose character doesn’t differs from the starting. Her character shines as every chapter progressed.

The good thing about this manhwa is its art style which is very good done. The drawing that is used in this manhwa makes the difference as the colour scheme makes the characters pop out different emotions pours out quite well. It can be said that it is one of the strong point of this manhwa.

This manhwa is the definition of a good product or thing can goes wrong.