6 Reasons Why is Mirko one of the most formidable female characters in the MHA universe

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When it comes to Hero Billboard charts, Endeavor is the number one hero.

That said, calling Mirko the strongest female character in My Hero Academia is a pretty safe bet.

Rumi Usagiyama, better known as the Rabbit Hero: Mirko, is currently the number 5 ranked pro hero and the highest-ranked female pro.

Just like how Froppy can use the abilities of a frog, for Mirko, it is a rabbit.

Her Quirk allows her incredible leg strength, so her kicks are pretty earth-shattering, literally.

She also has a superhuman hearing ability with the help of her big rabbit-like ears.

Her other rabbit-like feature is her tail.

Here are the reasons what makes Mirko one of the most formidable female characters in the MHA universe.

1. Her Incredible Speed

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Mirko is one of the fastest characters in the series, even more than Gran Torino.

This ability can be called an extension of her quirk.

As her quirk gives her all the abilities of a rabbit, superhuman speed is pretty much what we should expect.

Unlike heroes like Endeavor and All Might, who need a power boost to gain momentum, Mirko and naturally and effortlessly move around at extremely high speed.

Her years of training and experience also play a major role in this.

2. Her Mobility and Flexibility

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Mirko has the ability to instantly adapt to a situation and make decisions almost instantly.

She is quite flexible and can move around the space with great mobility.

All these abilities combined give her a huge advantage even against multiple opponents.  

While we have seen her incredible move against Dabi in the fifth season, it doesn't compare to what's more to come.

In the manga, she showcased her fluidity with a couple of flips and kicks against extremely powerful opponents.  

3. Her Animalistic Hearing

a women using her superhuman level of hearing

As mentioned earlier, Mirko has a superhuman level of hearing.

This ability has proven itself useful multiple times in the manga.

Her adorable ears may look fake and a part of her costume at first glance, but they are her real ears.

Although she doesn't have ears exactly similar to a rabbit, it is pretty close.

The unusual shape of her ears gives her a huge advantage in increasing her hearing.

Her ears are slightly curved inwards which give her access to even the quietest of sound.

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4. Can Fight With Multiple Remodeled Nomus

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You may remember the remodeled Nomu that Endeavor and Hawks had a hell of a fight to defeat.

Even with the top two pro heroes teaming up, that Nomu gave them a run for their money.

It was also one of the most memorable fights in the series, after which, Endeavor finally started gaining public approval.

Anyway, so the league of villains prepared a whole army of equally strong Nomus and released them during the battle with the Paranormal Liberation Front.

Any normal hero would have a tough time dealing with even one such Nomu, but not Mirko.

She fought multiple Nomus single-handedly and took them down.

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5. Her Powerful Kicks

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Her incredible leg strength paired with her trained muscles create extremely powerful kicks.

Mirko specializes in close combat and uses her legs most of the time, for obvious reasons of course.

Her powerful kicks were the reason she won against the remodeled nomus.

One of her most iconic moves is her barrage of kicks which she throws at superhuman speed.

She managed to get past multiple nomus to reach Doctor Garaki's secret base.

She blasted through the strong wall of the lair with a single kick and went ahead for battle.

6. Her Unbreakable Determination

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Mirko has a loud presence and an abrasive personality.

She always charges ahead in battle and loves the wild rush that comes with it.

That said, he also has the resolve to never give up.

Even after being injured several times in the battle, she stood up and went ahead to fight.

Her refusal to give up may even be more than powerful heroes including All Might, Endeavor, Lemillion, and Deku.

Even after getting her arm crushed, she tied it up with her hair and continued fighting with the same spirit.

The rabbit hero has a huge fan base. Fans are eager to see her again after her big debut in season 5.

Unfortunately, there is still quite some time before we get to see her in action.

While the anime showed only glimpses of her powers, the manga covered all we need to know about her.

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