Why Mia is the Best Girl in the Silent War Manhwa?

Many people hate Mia just to get revenge on Gunner as she gets intimate with Hyun.

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The reason behind this is that she is the most realistic girl as well as the most reasonable girl throughout the series.

Well, she is very smart and does not like to be dependent on Gunner as well as other men who can control her whole life and this is the thing that she hates.

As earlier mentioned she is the only girl in the whole series that actually want to do something by herself and does not want to depend on anyone else for anything which is the real good thing about her character.

Well, many people hate Mia just to get revenge on Gunner as she gets intimate with Hyun which some of the readers don't consider to be a good thing.

But here is the thing she does all this just because she wanted to change Gunner and that is also the reason that starts to avoid every interaction with Hyun and turns him down but behind doing all this she got a reason for so.

The reason is she is not very confident about herself or not so sure about herself and she also doesn't want Hyun to waste all his life on him.

Mia thinks that Hyun is capable of doing big things and she is unworthy of him. The other reason why Mia is with Gunner is that she wants protection.

Gunner was the only one who she can go to for protection during the time she needed it the most so that's the reason she turned towards Gunner.

This can be explained much better by the thing that they don't even talk to each other yet having a loving relationship is out of the question.

Mia doesn't even want to see Gunner’s face.

This is also a fact that they see each other once in a blue moon or even talk to each other which all summarizes the relationship and protection stuff.

On the one hand, she doesn't want to leave Gunner or is scared to leave gunner because she thinks that Hyun can't provide such security to her or that she will end up without Gunner so she is unwillingly living with Gunner.

This thing has also to be taken into notice that she comes from a very poor background where she was the subject of bullying every day so to not go back again that path she thinks living with Gunner is more appropriate.

Well coming back to Hyun he is not the one who can save Mia as Mia was the one who once saved Hyun.

Mia secretly likes Hyun a lot and even cares for him and she wants the best for him alongside giving him lots of good wishes.

She is extremely beautiful too and this fact cannot be denied by anyone. Mia never wants Hyun to follow in Gunner's footsteps as she extremely hates Gunner.

Another thing that I liked about Mia is that irrespective of what the situation is, she shows very little or no emotions at all.  She always puts up a poker face.

Well, in addition to this she has the least amount of intimate scenes in the whole series which can mean a lot to some people who only like to read this manhwa to enjoy such scenes.

Facts about other Silent War Female Characters!

  1. Lina is a prostitute and she is the only one who is amiable to Hyun in the whole series.
  2. Sophie is a big Thot who only belongs to the streets and she is also not a prostitute but she is always very close to Gunner whenever we see her. She was nice to Hyun only for short moments.
  3. Anna is also a prostitute and in addition to this, she is also the one with most scenes with other characters of the Silent War series.

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