Why is Yoo Babi Not the One for Kim Yumi?!

Yoo Babi and Yumi were perfect, yet they didn't end up together. Why was Yoo Babi not the one for Kim Yumi if they were so perfect?

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Yumi's cells season 2 ended with Yoo Babi and Kim Yumi breaking up. Despite the initial break-up, Yumi got back together with Babi but their relationship was not the same. Babi even proposed to Yumi to get married but that didn't happen in the end.

When Woong met Yumi after 8 months, he thought it was Yumi who was getting married. In a plot twist, it was Yumi's friend who was getting married. Yumi and Babi finally broke up. When Yumi dated Babi and they were happy, why did they break up? Why is Yoo Babi not the one for Kim Yumi?!

What made Babi a Red Flag?

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Despite the majority of cells being busy fans Girling over Yoo Babi, Sarang (Love) cell was completely against the relationship from the very beginning. Besides the Love cell, even the Reason cell was not happy with how fast things were progressing after the breakup.

Yumi was a mess after she broke up with Woong. Things were taking a weird turn when suddenly her heart developed a Babi appreciation corner. Initially, it was just an appreciation corner but slowly all the cells including the Emotion cell barged in and pushed Yumi forcefully towards the artificial development of the love relationship.

At one point, even Love cell pointed out that Babi may not be feeling love towards her, It could be pity or loneliness which made him drawn towards Yumi in the first place.

What’s wrong with Yoo Babi?

This is one of the biggest questions that might draw one in. Despite his initial appearance, Yoo Babi is a calm and composed man who knew what he wanted. Yoo Babi was interested in Yumi a long time ago.

It’s true that Babi is a kind and encouraging person who always cheered and encouraged Yumi but that’s a separate matter when it comes to love and other matters. The biggest flaw with Babi is that he is kind by default and his extension of Kindness can backfire sooner than he realises.

It was true that initially, Yumi wasn’t interested in Babi at all. Yumi wanted to find out about Babi for Rubi and had no initial thought of dating him. It’s hard to dismiss the fact that Babi was interested in Yumi and was leading her on. He’s just way too kind even to Yumi which was bound to influence her.

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As a result, it did, when all the cells were part of the Babi fan club, except Love cell who kept expressing concerns. Love cell was not on board initially. Technically she gave in because of the pressure from other cells especially the Reason cell which was gung-ho with Babi and developed a near obsession.

Even after breaking up, Love cell was absent. It was Reason cell’s brash and arbitrary actions which caused Yumi to date Babi again. If it really was love, the Sarang cell would have been back but she wasn’t a long time after they broke up again for the second time.

There is another issue with Babi is that although he tries to be a kind-hearted gentleman, his kindness extended way too easily toward Da Eun. His love cell accepted the fact that their heart fluttered even if it was for a moment. Although Babi had no intention of lying to Yumi, he was clearly bothered by Da Eun.

To escape the situation, he decided to move away instead of addressing the problem. His actions weren’t somewhat leading both Yumi and Da Eun.

This situation could have been avoided completely, but it was beyond Babi’s control. The real issue with Babi was he wasn’t good at addressing or speaking up about his real thoughts. Somehow this feels so similar to Woong.

Well, there’s still a difference between Babi and Woong. Babi was never honest and clear about his feelings toward Yumi. We may never know the answers to the questions because his cells were clearly not united and gave Yumi vague answers. It wasn’t just that, he never told Yumi when, how and why he liked Yumi.

There was never any clarity between the couple. Sure, Babi is the definition of honey-flavoured sweetness but that’s just it.

It wasn’t just limited to that. Babi didn’t exactly tell Yumi when he met Woong. Yumi never knew what happened to Woong especially related to his bankruptcy.

Sure it was not his call, but as a courtesy, he could have told her if he wasn’t feeling insecure in the first place.  Not only that, but when Yum and Babi got back together the second time, Babi wasn’t exactly feeling the same.

One thing is clear Babi is quite good at leading and manipulating Yumi. He wore the couple ring which hit Yumi’s conscious and later he took it off when Yumi actually wore the ring and come.

Talk about a second-hand embarrassment no! Even when meeting his father, Yumi wasn't sure but Babi sort of one-sidedly decided that they go meet his dad for a visit.

The biggest concern was when Babi outright lied to Yumi about going overseas for work when he was in Korea all along. Sure his excuse was that he felt weird and didn’t want to call for Yumi, but doesn’t that show how unsure he was of his relationship with her?

As if deep down he knew he didn’t want to call for Yumi but why lie? Sure Yumi would have been concerned but it wasn’t a serious accident. Imagine something bad happened and Yumi was in the dark. The crack in their relationship was apparent with growing discord and lack of trust.

Moreover, he didn’t delete Da Eun’s number only until he saw his call, which Yumi saw it too. Was there any reason to keep her contact info when they were not workers neither friends nor acquaintances?  Well, finally Babi did let Yumi go one last time by a sort of lying to her, but let’s just forgive him because he got Yumi’s laptop back!

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