Why is BTS: Permission To Dance More Meaningful Than You Think?

"Permission To Dance' is just a reminder to be happy till the end. Make yourself happy as that is all that matters.

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The dance choreography of ptd

BTS is back with another summer banger. BTS released their third English track "Permission To Dance" on July 9, 2021, at 1 PM KST. It is their third all-English track following 2020's "Dynamite" and "Butter".

Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac, Jenna Andrews, and Snow Patrol's Johnny McDaid co-wrote the song. Well! this is very obvious that BTS or ARMY's don't need anyone's permission to dance when it comes to dancing their hearts out. The song was released as a gift for ARMY's 8th Birthday. Recently BTS completed 8 years since their debut. The 8th Anniversary is always a very meaningful day for every K-pop group.

"Permission To Dance" is not just any song. It has a very deep meaning behind it. The lyrics, The cast, The choreographies, The purple balloons each and every detail is just amazing to how deep the song is. Even though it was meant to be a happy song it surely made every fan emotional in some way or another.

Permission To Dance Is More Meaningful Than You Thought. 

What Makes BTS: Permission To Dance So Special?

1) The Lyrics

Well! all in all, "Permission To Dance" lyrics will be stuck in our minds and hearts for a long period of time, maybe until BTS releases any other song and we can't wait to learn it till the end.

The song lyrics are not just groovy but very inspirational in these hard times of crisis. As mentioned by RM, they just wanted to create a song that is for the summer. They didn't want to give any heavy messages in these hard times.

"Permission To Dance' is just a reminder to be happy till the end. Make yourself happy as that is all that matters.

"We don’t need to worry

‘Cause when we fall, we know how to land

Don’t need to talk the talk, just walk the walk tonight

‘Cause we don’t need permission to dance"

2) The Choreography And Use Of Sign Language

When the music video for "Permission To Dance" was released, one thing was very clear "Music Brings People Together".

Fans were blown away by the choreography of the song. After seeing the MV fans discover the use of sign language.

The choreography incorporates international sign language that means 'fun', 'dance', and 'peace'. Scratching their body while raising their thumbs and slightly bending the rest of the fingers means 'fun'. Moving two fingers from side to side on top of the palm of the other hand as a stage means 'dancing' and lastly making 'V' sign means peace.  

3) Diversity Of Every Age Group And Race

BTS celebrates diversity in their music video for "Permission To Dance". BTS representing every age group and race in their music video is proof of why BTS is the most influential group of all time.

They are even paying their respects to every frontline job such as being a janitor or a waitress in a pandemic. This gesture is so heartwarming.

What Does The Purple Balloon in BTS: Permission To Dance Indicate?

The colour purple is very significant to BTS and as well as ARMYs.  One of BTS's members V came up with his own love phrase known as "Borahae" which means "I Purple You". This holds much more significance for the ARMY than I love you as it does not just mean love but also trust. BTS displayed purple balloons in the video as an indication to end COVID-19.

Summer 2021 is all about BTS. These achievements are the things that make BTS the group with the longest-running NO.1 debut single. BTS's Butter is no.1 on Billboard Hot 100s for the sixth week. Now with the release of "Permission To Dance", the boys are set to have another smash hit, because the track has all the secret ingredients to be the best summer song ever.

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