'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

Why did Oh Soo Jae want revenge? Who Killed Park So Young? Who killed Jeon Na Jung?

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

The 2022 SBS Korean Drama ‘Why Her’ was one of the best dramas of the year undoubtedly. The drama was previously postponed but finally aired in June 2022 and finally ended with the last episode airing in July.

Why Her Kdrama had a binge-worthy story, suspense plot, well-defined narrative and amazing cast to pull off the perfection. In particularly, Seo Hyun Jin once again charmed us with her phenomenal acting in the role of Oh Soo Jae.

Oh Soo Jae is a force not to mess up with. The strong-headed lawyer from TK law firm had her very own goals and was driven by ambition to bring down the person who messed up her life.

The power-packed revenge-driven drama where not just Oh Soo Jae but Gong Chan was trying to uncover her step-sister’s unfair death. Hwan In Yeop gave a strong performance along with veteran actor Heo Jun Ho who gave us the strong (evil) character Choi Tae Guk was memorable.

What is Why Her Kdrama’s Plot?

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

The plot of ‘Why Her’ is simple and complicated at the same time. There are different individuals who are trying to uncover the truth and it’s centred mostly on revenge.

The main target of the revenge is the TK law firm’s chairman Choi Tae Guk. The drama introduced Oh Soo Jae as a charismatic lawyer who is ambitious and motivated by revenge. Her revenge isn’t all simple but not cliche either.

Due to an incident, Oh Soo Jae lost her child and was deceived by Choi Tae Guk. Her naive self believed that Choi Tae Guk’s son Choi Joo Wan (the father of the child) would marry her and they could get their happily ever after. The fairy tale ending never happened and she lost her child.

Driven insane by anger and rage, Oh Soo Jae becomes stronger to seek revenge on them by climbing the corporate ladder and establishing her name as the undefeated opponent in the courtroom.  Oh Soo Jae’s strong character reminded us of Camille Vasquez, strong, full of justice and would win for her client. Salud!

Why is Choi Tae Guk the target of revenge?

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

Dismissing, Oh Soo Jae, there are other people who want revenge against Choi Tae Guk. Choi Tae Guk was an unapologetic character who never humoured others. He would do what he want even in the process of driving his children insane.

The twisted perceptions of Choi Tae Guk were responsible for Choi Joo Wan’s misfortune. If that wasn’t enough, Choi Joo Wan was involved with Han Dong O and Lee Si Hyuk ruining the lives of two young women.

Gong Chan’s sister Jeon Na Jung was killed 10 years ago and he became the prime suspect. Oh Soo Jae, who defended him lost the case and he served a prison sentence for a year.

Later, he was cleared of the charged and acquitted but Gong Chan was determined to find the real truth. Gong Chan and Oh Soo Jae meet again in the law school and together with the law school clinic try to get to the bottom of the case.  

The person pulling some strings to get together Gong Chan and Oh Soo Jae were Director Baek Jin Ki and SP Partners’s Yoon Se Pil. Baek Jin Ki’s daughter was involved in the incident and later became mentally traumatised.

Kang Eun Su was to become Yoon Se Pil’s wife but the course of action changed everything. To sum it all up, the people seeking revenge are Oh Soo Jae against the TK law firm, Gong Chan against his sister’s killer and Baek Jin Ki and Yoon Se Pil against the powerful three musketeers.

Who Killed Park So Young?

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

Park So Young was a critical person who messed up Oh Soo Jae’s life upside down. An Kang Won, the assemblyman was honey trapped and involved in a scandal with Park So Young.

Ironic or planned, An Kang Won was dating Oh Soo Jae then. To clear the mess up, Park So Young was sent to deal with Oh Soo Jae. What no one predicted was her death which later caused Oh Soo Jae a big enough mess.

Not only did Soo Jae lose her partnership promotion, but she was also exiled and removed from the Hansu Bio sale-off deal. Choi Tae Guk was pretty malicious as he planned to kick Oh Soo Jae and An Kang Won, a threat to his kingdom.

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

Previously Park So Young’s death has different twists and even Oh Soo Jae was implicated. Choi Tae Guk was the real killer. In her anger Park So Young demanded money for abortion as they has an affair.


It was Chou Tae Guk who planned the scandal using her. Later she threatened him but Choi Tae Guk pushed her from the rooftop, and she ended up dying. Park So Young didn’t commit suicide.

Who killed Jeon Na Jung?

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!

The most suspenseful question in ‘Why Her’ was who killed Jeon Na Jung, Gong Chan’s stepsister.  Gong Chan has had a miserable life for 10 years planning to uncover the truth. At one point we could speculate four killers but the actual killer was unfathomable.

Previously it felt like Choi Joo Wan, Han Dong O and Lee Si Hyuk killed Jeong Na Jung. When the trio kidnapped Kang Eun Su, she escaped and met Jeon Na Jung. As she got into a car accident, Jeon Na Jung witnessed everything. They caught her and later the mess was cleaned by secretary Ha Il Gu.

'Why Her' | Why The 2022 Kdrama is a Perfect Binge Watch Show!


The identity of the real killer was surprising. Choi Joo Wan, Han Dong O and Lee Si Hyuk thought they killed Jeon Na Jung, but she was alive. Choi Tae Guk killed Jeon Na Jung who was still alive.

Overall, ‘Why Her’ is one of the perfect revenge Kdramas of 2022. The entire cast and characters made the show memorable. Missing out on ‘Why Her’ is definitely a sin. One of the best things about the dramas was less romance and more focus on revenge.

The show didn’t stray from the initial objective and stayed true till the end. There were many tear-jerking and heartbreaking moments for Oh Soo Jae, Gong Chan, and Choi Yoon Sang. The loyalty of Song Mi Rim was noteworthy! Do Check out ‘Why Her’ Kdrama!

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