Why doesn’t Boruto Anime completely follow Boruto Manga?

Why doesn’t Boruto Anime completely follow Boruto Manga and why Boruto is so hated?

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By Akash
Why doesn’t Boruto Anime completely follow Boruto Manga?

It is obvious that Boruto Anime doesn't totally follow the Boruto Manga. Well, Boruto Manga started in the year 2016 after Boruto Movie came. As of today there are currently 46 chapters. Honestly speaking Boruto Manga is more excited than Boruto Anime. Boruto Anime was released in the year 2017. Boruto is made into manga cannon as well as anime canon too. Well, manga canon is basically the animated version of the manga canon and anime canon are the canon which are in the anime form but their story is somewhat different.

Anime canon are basically made into filler episodes. Filler episodes are those episodes which are aired between the actual anime episodes just to carry on the story forward.

Why doesn’t Boruto Anime completely follow Boruto Manga?

Coming back to Manga, Boruto manga is fire as I mentioned earlier. The manga story is aligned with the Naruto storyline which makes it so good. In addition to it the story explores about new power which is Karma in a very good way. Just like that it is also providing the history about Karma.

Now coming to the anime creators if the Boruto anime are not doing a bery good job as the story is good in manga and they are just ruining the series by adding unnecessary things into the anime. In the first place the fans of Naruto anime are just hating this series as it is the spinoff of Naruto as well as the creators are ruining the series so that's why there is anger around the anime. The creators are just adding fillers in the story to make the story more long as it already is. They are doing the things which don't make any kind of sense. Then there is the issue of episodes in an arranged manner which they are absolutely not paying any attention towards. Like some random episode appear out of nowhere in the series.

These can also be regarded as minor flaw but the major flaw is with the side characters as there is no attention given towards the characters like Shikidai, Chojuro, Iwabe, Denki and injoin. These are some of the characters which are given very few screen on time. But, now the creators of the anime have realized it and they are trying to make up for this by exploring the side characters and giving them more screen on time. As they are attempting character development in a right way now. Well, the series also tries to show our favourite past characters by including them in some episodes.

These characters include Yamato, Jugo, Karin, Shino, Kiba etc. Well, the episodes are developing very slow and it is very boring to watch the series. So, they should make the story more fast according to my opinion. They have discarded the use of chakra which played a huge role in Naruto series as well as they are mostly nowadays focused on Scientific gadgets. The viewers hate Boruto a lot because instead achieving things on his own like his dad did he always relies on others.

Why is Boruto hated a lot?

There are many for Boruto being hated. First of all bring that the kids don't love their respective parents and also their attitude is also a problem. For example, Boruto hating Naruto for not able to give their family enough time together. Chocho on the other hand doesn't recognize his own father and is in a search fir him. But at the end Chocho recognize Choji to be her real father. The village have been upgraded a lot. I mean there should not be these modern changes which they included in the anime. Which is honestly not a very fine move. There is not a very good focus on Chunin Exams which was the main highlight in the Naruto series.

Well, the worst part is that the Boruto series in the starting just showed that Naruto is dead which was very heartbreaking  for many viewers. The main thing is that viewers don't want to see their favourite character die. Boruto series have left some unaswered questions like why Guy amd kakashi are still single as well as what happened with Kiba Tamaki relation etc. These things are left unclear in the series till now. These are all the main reasons due to which many viewers hate Boruto series.

How should Boruto series be changed?

Many viewers don't like Sarada with glasses as they think it is a waste of Sharingan. So, first of all remove glasses from Sarada. As well as change the clothing of every female character for example, Sarada she wears skirt and put heels which is against ninja code. So, definitely the girls clothes should be updated. Boruto is considered as a genius child, but he don't have enough knowledge about Naruto's power as he underestimates him. This is a very bizaare move done by the creators. As while growing up did he not heard the stories about his father being suoer strong. Don't know why creators did this.


The other thing is that don't copy everything from the Naruto series as the children of the Naruto series characters should not be the exact cooy of their parents. They should develop their own jutsu according to their own development. So, this is a very important thing which needs to be changed in the Boruto Series for sure. If you don't like filler episodes then you will surely hate this anime. If you have watched Naruto series then definitely you will think that it is not worth the hype as well as worth watching.  So, just take out all of the canon episodes and follow manga properly will be the only way to make this series good. As of now it is certainly a let down honestly saying.