Why did the 5 Leaf Clover Choose Asta?

Asta's five-leaf clover grimoire is the most unique and mysterious in the series. Here, we will find out why it chose him.

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Black Clover is a popular anime and manga series developed by Yuuki Tabata. Less than two years since the publication of the manga series, an anime adaptation was released. The story revolves around two young orphans, Asta and Yuno who dream of becoming the Wizard King, a title given to the strongest mage in the Clover Kingdom.

Even though both kids are rivals, there is a huge difference in their powers. Yuno is a talented magician with a legendary four-leaf clover grimoire in his hands. Meanwhile, Asta was born magicless and didn't receive a grimoire.

However, when Yuno was in trouble, Asta received a mysterious five-leaf clover grimoire and gained the power of anti-magic. They journeyed from a small village of Hage in the forsaken realm to the royal capital in the noble realm. Asta and Yuno took their first step towards achieving their dream when they were chosen as magic knights.

asta smiling at yuno

But, Yuno was chosen by the best magic knight squad and Asta could barely get into the worst one. The story proceeds as the two struggle to rise the ranks through challenging missions.

Asta's powers weren't ordinary. As a magicless boy, he wasn't supposed to get a grimoire. However, in the time of need, he received a five-leaf clover grimoire. In the scene, the meaning of the five leaves was explained where the fifth leaf was said to depict the existence of a devil. Here, we will discuss why the five-leaf clover grimoire chose Asta.

Same Grimoire as Licht

character fighting with grimoire

During several of their face-offs with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Asta and his squad learned that Asta's grimoire was the same as the leader of the Elves. Vetto and the others were extremely displeased over the fact that the grimoire of their leader has been handed over to a magicless boy, who is unloved by mana.

They also showed displeasure over Asta wielding Licht's swords namely Demon Slayer and Demon Dweller Swords. However, what truly struck oddly was that Licht had a four-leaf clover grimoire, the same as the First Wizard King. So, the fact that Asta had his grimoire was hard to believe.

It wasn't until later that it was revealed that Licht's grimoire turned black and grew the fifth leaf when he had lost his tribe. When Licht was experiencing immeasurable despair over the loss of his wife and tribe, the devil Zagred took advantage of the situation and tried to manipulate Licht. Licht became the ancient demon that went down in history books and his grimoire changed form as well.

Liebe's Backstory


We have known since the first episode that there was a devil residing in Asta's backstory. However, the devil was dormant in the grimoire and didn't make its presence known until the Witches' Forest Arc. He seemed to be about the same size as the ancient demon, evoking the curiosity of the fans.

The devil lent Asta his powers temporarily and that's how Asta did his first transformation. After that, he learned how to use this power in battles and increased his strength significantly. In the final arc of the anime series, we finally solved the mysteries of Asta's grimoire and his lack of magic.

Nacht was teaching Asta how to make a contract with a devil and that's when Liebe first appeared in his real form. His identity was revealed in flashbacks where we found out that he was a magicless devil who had been bullied by other devils since young. He mistakenly crossed over the gate connecting his world and the human world. There also, he was chased and persecuted by people who were afraid of his appearance.  

liebe in chains

He was severely injured and saved by Richita, Asta's mother, who had a special ability to take mana and putting into other things. However, the side effect of this power was that she would end up completely taking other people's magic abilities unintentionally, which happened to her son as well.

Before she met Liebe, she had recently abandoned Asta at the orphanage's door when she realized she had taken all of his magic power. Richita was living in isolation so she won't end up hurting more people. She showed him the five-leaf clover grimoire she had picked up the same day. Richita soon adopted Liebe and raised him like her own son.

richita and liebe laughing at something

They quickly bonded but their happy days didn't last for long. Lucifero, the highest-ranking devil and one of the three rulers of the underworld, tried taking control of Liebe's body in hopes of manifesting fully in the human world. Richita struggled to keep him off Liebe and ended up being fatally wounded.

However, just as she was about to die, she sealed Liebe in the five-leaf clover grimoire to save his life. That's how Liebe ended up with Asta.