Bad and Crazy Kdrama: Why did Ryu Soo Yeol Betray Oh Kyung Tae?

Why did Ryu Soo Yeol hit Do Yu Gon? What happened to Oh Kyung Tae? What does K Want? What happened to Lee Hee Gyeom?

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Bad and Crazy is an ongoing Kdrama starring Lee Dong Wook, Wi Ha Joon, Cha Hak Yeon, Han Ji Eun and others.

Ryu Soo Yeol is an unethical cop who was currently investigating the murder case of Jeong Yu Na.

The case became twisted as Oh Kyung Tae was framed by the real killers and his henchmen.

Following Oh Kyung Tae’s assault by Do In Beom and the real killer Assemblyman Do Yu Gon controlling everyone like a puppet.

What's happening in Bad and Crazy


Things didn’t end well for Ryu Soo Yeol who ended up kicking (literally) Do Yu Gon in front of everyone, calling him a murderer.

K is an alter ego of Ryu Soo Yeol who was determined to take down baddies and evil people while acting as an icon of justice playing “Hero”.  

Why did Ryu Soo Yeol hit Do Yu Gon?

The utter humiliation by K as a method of straightening Ryu Soo Yeol totally backfired. 

K created chaos after kicking Do Yu Gon and created an utter disaster for Ryu Soo Yeol who had to flee after the panic caused by K. 

Ryu Soo Yeol hit the assemblyman Do Yu Gon while not consciously aware of his actions, while K decimated Do Yu Gon lashing an unthinkable situation for everyone involved. 

In all fairness of the situation, Do Yu Gon deserves the hit for mercilessly killing Jeong Yu Na under the influence of drugs. 

Do Yu Gon used Ryu Soo Yeol for the dirty cleaning, manipulated Do In Beom to clean up the mess and assaulted Oh Kyung Tae.

do yu gon with police chief

As K and Ryu Soo Yeol investigate the murder case, they find conclusive evidence but inadmissible in court due to damage.

Ryu Soo Yeol starts admitting his other persona K and starts taking sleeping pills to get rid of K.

However, K is smarter than Ryu Soo Yeol.  Unfortunately, the price of kicking Do Yu Gon was heavy, as the former uses his influence to investigate corruption charges against Ryu Soo Yeol as an act of vengeance.  

Ryu Soo Yeol’s mom’s house was trashed as a threat to bury him over corruption charges.

Ryu Soo Yeol or K previously stole the jewellery from Do In Beom’s henchmen. As a retaliation, they kidnapped Ryu Soo Yeol’s brother.

With the help of K, Lee Hee Gyeom, and his partner Yang Jae Sun, they managed to rescue his brother and catch the criminals. However, the underpinning of the real criminal was far from over.

soo yeol begging yu gon

Completely trapped, Ryu Soo Yeol ended up in a midlife crisis.

As Ryu Soo Yeol groveled and begged Do Yu Gon for mercy and was willing to become his lapdog.

This was quite painful as the merciless killer played Jeong Yu Na’s last video message to her daughter.

What happened to Oh Kyung Tae?

oh kyung tae

Oh Kyung Tae was still hospitalized when Do In Beom tried to kill him.

A lucky Oh Kyung Tae escapes the clutches of death and later confronts his killer.

He receives evidence where Do Yu Gon partially talks about the murder, but it can’t be used as evidence in court.  

Oh Kyung Tae contacts Ryu Soo Yeol for help as he trusts him. The naive Oh Kyung Tae is unaware of what fate awaits him.

The arrival of Super Shady Drug Ring

Do Yu Gon

A new drug dealer gang has arrived who intimidate Do Yu Gon. They inform Do Yu Gon that Do In Beom handed a piece of recording to Oh Kyung Tae.

Also, Do Yu Gon previously asked the drug dealers to take care (aka kill) Do In Beom to eliminate any incriminating obstacle.

This character is totally sinister and pure evil.

Ryu Soo Yeol's Betrayal

Oh Kyung Tae caught

Do You Gon caught Ryu Soo Yeol by surprise and told him that he’s aware that Oh Kyung Tae received evidence from Do In Beom.

Ryu Soo Yeol having no choice decided to meet Oh Kyung Tae. Ryu Soo Yeol decided to hide Oh Kyung Tae but only to betray him soon after.

do yu gon and soo yeol

He informed Do Yu Gon who arrived with his henchmen to get rid of Oh Kyung Tae.  

Do Yu Gon starts brutally assaulting Oh Kyung Tae while a helpless Ryu Soo Yeol watches.

What is Ryu Soo Yeol planning?

So it turns out, Ryu Soo Yeol didn’t betray Oh Kyung Tae after all. 

The evidence they have is not enough to send Do Yu Gon behind bars. 

So together with Oh Kyung Tae, Lee Hee Gyeom and Yang Jae Sun, they wiretap to get a confession from Do Yu Gon.

 After getting the confession, Lee Hee Gyeom and Yang Jae Sun charge the scene while waiting on standby. 

Everything was peacefully resolved as K and Ryu Soo Yeol successfully take down Do Yu Gon and clear Oh Kyung Tae’s name.

hee gyeom

What does K Want?

After the fiasco, Ryu Soo Yeol was successful to get the prosecution’s hook. The notorious K left Ryu Soo Yeol penniless.

K donated all the money illegally acquired to charity to clear his name and also get rid of his corruption.

k and soo yeol

Frustrated, Ryu Soo Yeol moves back home and decides to share his time with K.

hee gyeom

What happened to Lee Hee Gyeom?

Now that Do Yu Gon was arrested but his days were numbered. In prison, the drug dealers arrange for him to permanently shut up. 

He gets stabbed which made Lee Hee Gyeom suggest Do Yu Gon be transported immediately. 

Unfortunately, the team gets into an accident where everyone dies including Do Yu Gon, but Lee Hee Gyeom is unharmed. 

Lee Hee Gyeom is framed and the only person who can help is K and Ryu Soo Yeol. 

K proposed to disappear forever if Ryu Soo Yeol clears her name. Will Ryu Soo Yeol be able to get rid of K and clear Lee Hee Gyeom?

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