5 Reasons Why Demon Slayer Is Worth The Hype

The very first episode shows the hardships faced by the kamado family where Tanjiro seems to have taken the role to support the family in absence of the head of the family

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demon slayer major characters (left to right) Inosuke, Tanjiro, nezuko and Zenitsu

Overall, Demon Slayer is quite an interesting and fun shonen to watch.

The animation, art style, and plot will keep you engaged. It will take a day or two to binge-watch the 26 episodes.

After completing it, you will realize that the hype it creates is justified.

So, now the question is why Demon Slayer is worth the hype it creates.

1. The Show’s Promising Grounds on Which It is set

a young boy practicing with his sword

The very first episode shows the hardships faced by the kamado family where Tanjiro seems to have taken the role to support the family in absence of the head of the family.

Though they are poor, they are a happy family.

This is shattered when one night they are attacked by a demon while Tanjiro was away which leaves Nezuko, the sole surviving member from the incident turned into a demon and thus begins the journey of Tanjiro and Nezuko to hunt down demons to cure Nezuko back to a human.

2. Demon Slayer’s Breathtaking Animation & Fight Sequences

Tanjiro using flame breathing

The animation is stunning and it will mesmerize the viewers from the very first episode.

The art style of the demon slayer is also very beautiful and unique.

The background and the characters have been designed to captivate their audience in this anime.

Each of the fight scenes is so good that you won’t be distracted at all during the fight.

One of the best fight scenes would be the fight between Tanjiro and Rui, with the right amount of build-up and extremely detailed and rich animation.

Another noteworthy fight would be the battle with the drum demon which shows some good camera movements.

3. Brilliant Storyline

All the hashira standing in line

The plot of the anime is a remarkable one, the protagonist Tanjiro trains hard and becomes a demon slayer while carrying Nezuko, his demon sister along with him in every mission.  

The stark irony of the fate of the siblings is what makes a storyline in which all its viewers are emotionally invested.

In every major encounter with different characters, different emotional themes have been explored through the characters which helps the show to maintain its thrill.

Also, in the midst of seriousness, the quirky dialogues of the characters will balance the situation and make you enjoy the show more.

4. Strong Bonding Between Tanjiro and Nezuko

tanjiro and nezuko

Even though Nezuko becomes a demon, she protects Tanjiro multiple times, one of the most prominent being the scene where she transforms into a demon and takes a protective stance against Giyu, the hashira which also surprises him.

The fact that Nezuko had exhausted herself by running, fighting, and was extremely starving was enough for her to devour any human, even her brother but instead, she tried to protect Tanjiro.

The strong bond between the siblings can be felt throughout the anime.

5. Characters

all the characters posing for a photograph

The main protagonists are Tanjiro Kamado and Nezuko Kamado among which Nezuko is unable to speak but grunt “grr, grr” sometimes and Tanjiro is a Compassionate boy who feels deeply for all the demons he had slain as they give a ‘sad smell’, this compassion might also due to the fact that his younger sister is now a demon.

Eventually, we are introduced to Zenitsu and Inosuke, both with very different personalities.

Zenitsu, who is scared of demons to death but once he overcomes the fear, he is as fast as a clap of thunder, and Inosuke, an extremely short-tempered boy who wants to fight everyone the first chance that he gets.

At first, he has very little understanding of human interaction is shown but gradually while being friends with Tanjiro and Zenitsu, he is slowly able to comprehend the way humans communicate and interact with each other.

The three of them together become quite a powerful trio and fun to watch for viewers.

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