5 Reasons Why Chika Fujiwara Is The Best Girl

This is Chika’s world, we are all just living in it.

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chika dancing

Kaguya Sama Love Is War is the funniest rom-com to come out in recent years. It’s charming, dynamic, packed with very unique, entertaining characters and a narrator who deserves all the fame and love the world has to offer. The show’s second season amped up on everything that made the first one work and is a delight to watch.

With all of that said, one question remains unanswered and highly contentious amongst the fandom. Who amongst all is “best girl” or as veterans call it, best waifu? And the answer is Chika Fujiwara of course, you read the title, this isn’t up for debate. I do not need to expand on this very objective statement I just made. However, let’s dive deeper into what makes Chika Fujiwara best girl.

Chika Is Aloof And Unpredictable

In the beginning of the show Chika appeared to be a bubbly optimistic ray of sunshine. However, the C in Chika stands for pure unadulterated chaos. She is an unpredictability that shatters many of Kaguya Shinomiya's and Miyuki Shirogane's plans. Even Hayasaka approaches Chika with caution and considers her a genuine threat to her tasks.

Often times she is unable to read the room and can be more than a little self-indulgent Even so, her blissful unawareness of the people around her makes every scene she is in better.

She Can Be Devilishly Smart

Usually Chika is honest to a fault, however, she also happens to be fond of games. When playing games like Poker, Chika easily outsmarts and manipulates both Kaguya and Miyuki quite easily. In moments like these it is quite fun to watch Chika toy with everyone as if they were merely her pawns all along. Chika could easily manipulate everyone around her all the time but she doesn’t because that is just the kind of person she is, principled to the core.

character watching something out of curiousity

Sometimes, Chika tries to win games underhandedly by trying to cheat. Although she ends up getting exposed every time. The Student Council, especially Kaguya seems to view Chika as a simple-minded person due to her continuous antiques. However, to the surprise of no one, Chika is actually secretly a genius. She is a piano prodigy and can speak 5 languages.

Chika is usually aloof to social cues and can not “Read the room”. However, she is also the quickest to pick up on any innuendos, and often has to explain it to Kaguya.

Chika Is An Avid Foodie

character eating ramen

Chika Fujiwara is honest-to-God kind girl who would never betray her friends, except if you bribe her with food. Chika has encountered every member of the Four Ramen Emperors of Tokyo. She has caused three of them to have flashbacks to their youth - indirectly reminding them of their motivations - and received their acknowledgement.

Now that is high praise for our young lady with a refined palate.

In episode 11 of season 1, Chika was happy to be back to Japan just because she wanted to eat ramen, and honestly, who can not relate to finding the true joy of living in your favorite food.

Chika Is Always There For Her Friends

Chika has taught Miyuki how to play volleyball, sing their school anthem, dance Soran Bushi. Sure she has made some noises of disapproval and passive aggressive remarks onto witness the horror that is Miyuki trying to do things he isn’t good at. However, she has also succeeded in teaching Miyuki skills that he needed to in a relatively short time span. She always vows not to teach him again after each session, but ends up giving in to his pleads. And to me shows the heart of gold Chika Fujiwara truly has behind all that self indulgence and chaotic deceptions.

Chika Is Normal ?

character smoking a pipe

There is a lot that can be said about Chika Fujiwara as a character. Her unpredictable chaotic impulsiveness makes her a very fun character to watch on screen. You never know how she is going to react to a given situation or what news ideas she is going to come up with. If all of this sounds like I am describing a version of a manic pixie dream girl, you’re half-right.

Chika surely fits the bill of being the cute, outlandish, quirky eccentric young woman who aids people’s evolution (mainly Miyuki’s) by the virtue of her existence. However, in a show like Kaguya Sama Love Is War, oddly enough Chika is one of the few people to display normal human behavior and common sense at times.

In conclusion, Chika says and does a lot of good stuff a lot of the time. She also says and does some questionable things a lot of the time. She is honest and bad at cheating, but she is a master manipulator and can bluff her way through hell. She can not read the room but picks up on any and all innuendos.

Yeah, of all the words we could use to describe her, consistent won’t be one of them. Regardless of what Chika does though, one thing she consistently continues to be is adorably cute. Hence proved, Chika Fujiwara indeed and irrefutably is, the best girl.