Why Are Webtoons Set To Become The Future Of Anime?

As well know that for a long time Japanese Manga has dominated the Asian market all over the world.

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By Akash
Why Are Webtoons Set To Become The Future Of Anime?

As well know that for a long time Japanese Manga has dominated the Asian market all over the world. And in addition to this Western World have also been dominated by these Japanese Manga. But slowly and steady the shift has been seen towards the webtoon not only in the Asian Markets but also in the Western Market to some extent. Well, in the United States manga and anime both are thought to be Japanese and not a lot of them even know about webtoon.

But, as the World is coming together with the help of digitization the world is starting to watch webtoons in a new light. Just as its influence is increasing it has started to take effect on the manga industry. To give more clarity to this is that in the past few years we have seen the hype of some webtoons adapting to anime due to their popularity. It includes Tower of god, God of High School these are two webtoons that have been adapted into anime. So, there is still room for development in this field to become common.

These Manhwa or webtoon are increasing in popularity in japan or the western world is due to the fact that these are available very easy to read as in the digital formats. Another thing behind this is that in the temporary manga it is read from right to left which can make it somewhat difficult to read for the new reader but in the webtoon whereas it is read from top to the bottom making scrolling on the phone very easy. Another thing is that these webtoons and manhwa are often released for free so anyone can read these. Which is very cheaper as compared to any purchased magazine which includes Shonen Jump or includes tankobon series.

In the traditional Manga, we see basic white and black colours but in the manhwa, we get to see full colours which makes it more fun to read as the colours just add a charm to the chapters. This whole thing has made webtoon the largest webcomic publisher right now.

The first announcement of Tower of God is converted into an anime series came as a shock to the readers. One Punch man is another example of webcomic being adapted into anime series. Noblesse and God of High School are other examples of hit manhwa.

But here is the thing the manhwa that is able to gain popularity only that manhwa is able to adapt into an anime series for example, currently Solo levelling is the most popular manhwa which is officially announced that will be adapted into an anime series. They should also have a loyal fanbase is also the requirement. So, it will probably take some time that many manhwas will be adapted into anime series.

Japanese Publishers today are not in favour of this type of storytelling as there is risk involved in it. For now, only Shonen Jump is the one that carries the role of adapting webtoon into anime series.

The popularity of Webtoon is mostly among the young generation people who want to try or experience something new and at also at the same time want to read from the phone which is more convenient than the traditional means.