Why are Kpop music videos so good?

Why are Kpop music videos so good? Why do Kpop videos get so many views?

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Psy and BTS V and others

K-POP music is synonymous with visuals, aesthetics, a good storyline and ofcourse good music. KPOP or Korean pop music (K-Pop) is infamous for catchy music and breathtaking music video concepts.

Some K-pop videos might not make much sense and might leave you baffled by the time you reach the end, but that’s not all. With so many MVs, What is the most interesting detail you’ve noticed in a KPOP music video? What has your attention?

There are over 370 K-pop bands in South Korea, and the number of comebacks and MVs released annually will leave you speechless and impressed.

There are many K-pop bands like EXO, BTS, Super Junior, Twice, VIXX, Stray Kids, and the list goes on, who are known for creative and intriguing KPOP MVs, and forgive my ignorance if I can’t mention all the K-pop Bands, but almost every band in Korea is unique and stylish.

Why do K-pop videos get so many views?

Sunmi's MVs

There are many songs/MVs that have interconnected stories, characters, different themes, subjects and the element of surprise and shock. Kpop MVs maintain your curiosity and satiate your hunger for amazing music with the beautifully crafted storyline.  

If we go by example, Sunmi’s Heroine presents a good song with a unique fashion sense. Her songs Siren and Noir are connected and both take a jab at the music industry. The MVs are subjected to different interpretations, and that’s the beauty of it.

Mamamoo’s Hwasa presented Maria MV which had many hidden details and Easter eggs. Maria was a well-executed concept with catchy music. The deeper meanings in the K-pop videos are what makes them such an interesting detail that gets the attention of fans.  

Blood Sweat & Tears by BTS

BTS is no exception. Most BTS MVs follow an interconnected and detailed plot, and this has made fans obsess to find hidden details and make theories based on the storyline of the MVs. Blood  Sweat & Tears is one of the examples where BTS have given a lot of effort to create this beautiful and aesthetic masterpiece.

BTS released the Japanese version of Blood Sweat and Tears and gave fans the chance to explore more theories and interconnected the plot with the Korean version.

The band has launched Dynamite, Black Swan, Idol etc. alternate versions with different changes. It is evident that the makers in Korea focus a lot on the concept and make alternate versions with minor or major edits.


DNA, Fake Love, and Idol Mvs of BTS has one thing in common. The background used in these MVs started from a newly created sequence, a rusted structure that is about to fall, a complete structure. If you’re confused closely observe all three videos.


K-pop Videos are not just about music and beautiful background. The themes presented by the artists have a deeper and more intricate setting. Kpop MVs are visually appealing and their aesthetic is an accurate representation.

Many bands release alternate versions or songs in Chinese or Japanese to cater to the fans of these countries. Exo’s Overdose, like many of their songs, has both Korean and Chinese versions, and both of them are so pleasant to watch.

That’s not last on the list. Pentagon’s Shine Korean and Japanese versions MVs was a cute concept. If you haven’t watched it, do watch them!  

What K-pop video has the most views?

PSY’s Gangnam Style has the most views till now. It has over 4 billion views. The K-pop MVs popularity forced Google to change its YouTube algorithm to take the increasing views as a factor. Gangnam Style broke all the records and captured the world through his unique MV and music.

Kpop MVs

Why are K-pop music videos so good?

It’s no surprise that KPOP MVs get so many likes and o many views. The Kpop MVs are a good blend of concept, music, visuals, colour, contrast, light, and a dedicated budget allocated to shoot the MVs.

The cast and crew, the production team, and the technicians put their heart while making them. They create unique and catchy concepts that will attract fans to watch and enjoy the MVs. Kpop Mvs are complex yet entertaining. The hidden clues and details left by the artists make them even more enjoyable.

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