Who Raised Naruto After Minato and Kushina Died?
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Who Raised Naruto After Minato and Kushina Died?

Who raised Naruto after Minato and Kushina died? Who raised Naruto after his parents died?
Who Raised Naruto After Minato and Kushina Died?

Naruto is the most famous Shonen series and it’s highly unlikely that someone is unfamiliar with this series. But even if you’re unfamiliar with Naruto, maybe the lockdown and the immense boredom levels might motivate you to check out this crazy but worth-it-action anime series.

The Crazy Knuckle Headed Ninja, Uzumaki Naruto is the main protagonist of the series. The series (first) opened with a good introduction, character designs and background, and a detailed plot with too many hidden details and a good motivation for plot development.

The series was breath of fresh air, set in the ninja universe of a not-so-developed nation that lacked technological developments. Naruto’s premise started with a lot of mystery and one of the mysterious setting or plot devices was the central character of the series Naruto himself. The series portrayed the central character Naruto as someone hated, pitiful, lonely, and untouchable. Naruto in simple terms was a social outcast in the Konoha village.  

Like the real society and something seen very common in many cultures or countries, it seems having no parents (orphan) or lack of parental influence is treated badly in the society. Naruto never knew of his parents and was an orphan in the Konoha village.

His parents Minato and Kushina died shortly after his birth. The plot raised many questions and triggered curiosity and one of them is that if Naruto is an orphan, who was seen living alone without any guardian, how is he faring? Who raised Naruto after Minato and Kushina died?

Why did Kurama kill Minato and Kushina?

Minato and Kushina

The opening showed that a nine-tailed beast nearly destroyed the village. Konoha received heavy damages from the onslaught of the demon. The nine-tailed beast or Kurama tried to destroy the village and in the process, the 4th Hokage, Minato sealed him into his newborn child Naruto. As a result, the Fourth Hokage used the Reaper sealing or the death god sealing technique which kills the host in the process. Kushina died shortly after giving birth to Naruto.  

Why was Naruto all alone?

Young Naruto

It was weird but not shocking enough how Naruto was branded as a social outcast and both adults and children kept avoiding him like a plague. It was never made public knowledge that Naruto’s father was the Fourth Hokage who died while protecting the village.

It was even more absurd that they tried keeping his lineage a secret and ensured Naruto’s safety, but failed to keep the most important part a secret! How did the villagers know about Naruto being a Jinchuriki host or that the beast was sealed inside him? Guess even people in Konoha didn’t have tight lips and loved to gossip. Naruto was left all alone without any properly appointed guardian.

Naruto created mischief and did everything to get attention from people around him.  

Who raised Naruto after his parents died?


It did seem like Konoha didn’t have any welfare or orphanage system. He didn’t have any official guardian appointed and it seems that he was living alone. He had a house, money to live his day-to-day life, money or financial support to attend Konoha Academy.

It’s possible that the financial resources were covered by inheritance left by Minato or the Third Hokage Sarutobi provided him support. It is clearly evident through flashbacks in the series that only a handful of children and their families allowed their wards to mingle with Naruto.

For the most part, Naruto had a very lonely and hard childhood. The Third Hokage could be his financial backer and well-wisher, but he was not directly involved in his upbringing.  

Who took care of Naruto as a baby?

It’s highly possible that the Third Hokage took care of Naruto as a child. He and Naruto did share some sort of ambiguous relationship and Naruto would often damage and create pranks on the Hokage statues to get Sarutobi’s attention as he was lonely. Regardless, it is highly plausible that Sarutobi didn’t want to burden Naruto with his status of Hokage, and this is the reason he was seen growing up alone. Sarutobi must have kept tabs on him and it’s evident he wanted and tried his best to protect Naruto as the child of his former mentee. The Third Hokage will be very near to Naruto’s Godfather, which is why his death impacted Naruto very badly.

Why did no one adopt Naruto? Why didn't Naruto have a foster family?

Lonely Naruto

The misconception about Naruto and his background made him an outcast in the village. There can be many reasons but the main reason was that people were scared of the baby (Naruto) and the demon sealed inside him.

People were afraid of him and assumed him to be a live-ticking time bomb that can explode anytime and attack them. Society or Konoha saw him as a monster, rather than an innocent child. Society failed to protect Naruto in that sense.  Naruto was resented and hated throughout his childhood which is a very sad fact.

The second likely possibility is that there was a high risk of Naruto being misused, mistreated, or killed because he was a Jinchuriki host. People could adopt him and extract the Kyuubi from his, and in the process killing him.

In the story, one by one, Naruto overcomes his hardships and gained the trust of the people. It started with Iruka sensei and reached on a global scale. We, Naruto fans, commend and salute him for his positivism, upbeat nature, knuckleheaded,  and strong determination. Despite lacking parentage and treated like a social outcast, Naruto made his parents, mentors, and teachers proud.

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