The King of Pigs Kdrama | Who Killed Kim Cheol?

Who is Kim Cheol? How are Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk connected? Who Killed Kim Cheol and why?

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Based on the 2011 movie, The King of Pigs, the 2022 Kdrama shows the revenge story of Hwang Kyung Min.

The 12 episodes of Korean drama showed the past and present timeline to show how Kim Cheol was a big influence on Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk. Both of them were bullied by several classmates like Kang Min, Ahn Jung Hee, Park Chan Young, and others.  

The King of Pigs Kdrama had the biggest mystery kept for viewers as each episode progressed, we got better insights into Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk’s middle school days. Kim Cheol, “The King of Pigs” was a hero or more like a good to them.  

Kim Cheol was the most powerful in the school who defeated the bullies. There was no one who could defeat Kim Cheol, yet he’s not seen in the present timeline.

The question is Who Killed Kim Cheol? Did The King of Pigs Kdrama change the storyline to fit the drama? How did Kim Cheol die?

Who is Kim Cheol?

Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk were friends in middle school. They were often bullied by Kang Min, Ahn Jung Hee, Park Chan Young, and others.

The only person who ever stood up to them was Kim Cheol, a classmate who later befriended Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk.

Like Hwang Kyung Min and Jung Jong Suk, Kim Cheol also belonged to the disadvantaged class which was one of the reasons why the bullies targeted them.

The social exclusion in the drama is quite serious and the bullies showed no mercy to render them helpless to the atrocities and hypocrisy of the adults.

The only savior in middle school was Kim Cheol who was a firm believer in dominating the so-called “Dogs” in the school and putting them in their rightful place.

What happened to Kim Cheol?

After the atrocious and brutal fight with the 9th-grade bullies and Kang Min, Kim Cheol emerged victoriously. However, the fame and king’s rule were short-lived after Kim Cheol’s father died.

Taking advantage of the situation, Kang Min and Park Chan Young devised a heinous plan to teach Kim Cheol a lesson.

Playing the pity and sympathy card, Kim Cheol went from the King to a peasant in the bottomless hierarchy in school.

Kim Cheol was determined that he would cast a “Curse” upon the school and the bullies as a parting gift.

Although difficult, Kim Cheol decided to commit suicide to leave a deep mark and traumatize everyone for the rest of their lives.

The person most against the decision was Hwang Kyung Min. Upon provocation from Park Chan Young, Jung Jong Suk became convinced that Kim Cheol is a “God” and no one can bring him down.

Who Killed Kim Cheol and why?

Kim Cheol decided to commit suicide but later changed his mind. After his father’s death, he couldn’t bear to leave his mom behind.

This is why Kim Cheol decided to change the plans. Instead of committing suicide, Kim Cheol decided to scare everyone by putting on a show.

Kim Cheol confided his change of plans and entrusted Jung Jong Suk to divert everyone's attention when he would put the act of “Fake Suicide”.

On a planned day,  Kim Cheol went to the rooftop to play out as he thought, but there’s a big plot twist coming.

Bet, Kim Cheol himself didn’t see the epic betrayal coming. Kim Cheol went up the roof to get everyone’s attention and he succeeded in doing so, but his life would soon be over, as he fell to his death.

Correction, Kim Cheol was killed, he didn’t commit suicide, nor was it an accident.

When Kim Cheol told his change of plans to Jung Jong Suk, he was agitated and quite unhappy with the decision.

Jung Jong Suk was weirdly obsessed to the point where he declared Kim Cheol as superior like a God.

When Kim Cheol went up the roof, it was Jung Jong Suk who pushed him which caused Kim Cheol to die.

The flashback revealed Kim Cheol’s death as Kang Jin A, the police read Hwang Kyung Min’s diary who recorded everything meticulously.

Hwang Kyung Min started everything to avenge Kim Cheol’s death and teach the bullies a lesson.  In the flashback, it was revealed that a worried Hwang Kyung Min reaches the rooftop to find Jung Jong Suk at the scene.

There was no confusion, and it seems Hwang Kyung Min is aware that Jung Jong Suk killed Kim Cheol to create a legacy.

Kang Jin A had her suspicions as she read the fake suicide note of Kim Cheol, but her suspicions turn into reality after she read the diary. Jung Jong Suk killed Kim Cheol and  Hwang Kyung Min knows the truth.

It’s ironic because Kim Cheol wanted to become a police officer as he confided to Jung Jong Suk before his death.

After killing Kim Cheol, Jung Jong Suk became a police officer may be to fulfill Kim Cheol’s unfulfilled wish.

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