Who is the Real Big Mouse in Big Mouth Kdrama?

Why did Big Mouse drag Park Chang Ho into the mess?

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The MBC Korean drama Big Mouth starring Lee Jong Suk as Big Mouth/Park Chang Ho has taken a new turn. The writers have played it smart and yet again manipulated the identity of “Real Big Mouse.”

The previous episodes made it look like Mayor Choi Do Ha is the real Big Mouse, but it’s far from the truth. While Choi Do Ha framed Park Chang Ho and sent him to prison, in a shocking revelation, Choi Da Ha was not revealed as the Real Big Mouse.

The identity of the Real Big Mouse was shocking and made sense while confusing. So, who is the Real Big Mouse in Big Mouth Kdrama? Why did Big Mouse drag Park Chang Ho into the mess? What does the Real Big Mouse want from Park Chang Ho?

Is Choi Da Ho not the Real Big Mouse?

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From what it looked like, Choi Do Ha played the biggest role in framing Park Chang Ho and making him the Big Mouse. The entire context from the beginning is deceiving.

If the real Big Mouse is the biggest criminal, the scene which showed Choi Do Ha uncovering money and framing Park Chang Ho was quite misleading. However, Choi Do Ha played a big role in dragging Park Chang Ho and making him the scapegoat from the beginning.

The drugs, the accident and everything else were Choi Do Ha’s doing.  However, making Park Chang Ho as Big Mouse was the joint contribution was Choi Do Ha and the Real Big Mouse.

Big Mouse is a threat to Choi Do Ha for whatever illegal experiment they are doing. Dr Seo’s paper is with Choi Do Ha and he even sided against Park Chang Ho and Go Mi Ho to kill them through the riot organised while using Guard Gan So Chul as the pawn.

Who is the Real Big Mouse?

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With Warden Park Yoon Gab sent to prison courtesy of Park Chang Ho and Choi Do Ha, things have become upside down. While Choi Do Ha is desperately hunting for Big Mouse, Kong Ji Hoon wants his money back and Park Chang Ho wants his freedom.

Park Chang Ho pretended to work with Choi Do Ha and used them to lure the Big Mouse making one last offer through Park Yoon Gab to reveal the real Big Mouse. While Jerry still seemed suspicious, he could be related to the Big Mouse or at least with the men.

Park Chang Ho commented that in this world everyone is a Big Mouse as he challenged Choi Do Ha.