Who Is Akko's Love Interest in Little Witch Academia?

Akko's love interest in Little Witch Academia is a bit of a mystery. It's never explicitly stated who she has a crush on, but there are some clues.

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Little Witch Academia is a Japanese anime series created by Yoh Yoshinari and produced by Trigger. Little Witch Academia is a series that takes place at a magical academy named Nova Magical Academy. One of the main themes of the anime is around Akko trying to live up to the expectations of the ideals by showing the world that magic is still a thing that attracts others!

Atsuko Kagari is the main protagonist and Akko in the anime Little witch academia. She is best described as a very cheerful and energetic 24/7 girl, and Akko is always up for challenges and was very famous in the academy.

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Akko's love interest in Little Witch Academia is a bit of a mystery. It's never explicitly stated who she has a crush on, but there are some clues. In one episode, she blushes and gets flustered when she sees a handsome boy on a broomstick. She also gets jealous when she sees another girl talking to him. Akko also seems to have a crush on her teacher, Professor Ursula. She always tries to impress and even gives her a gift in one episode.

She is the favorite of literally everyone there, especially Diana Cavendish. Do you think she likes Akko, or is it just a popularity stunt? Let's find out.


Diana and Akko Kagari

As we have seen in the anime, Akko is bullied by her two classmates, Hannah and Barbara, while Daina was the one who never bullied Akko as she was born into a Mundane Family.

Many instances show us that she was frustrated because of Akko’s attitude towards magic, as she was a bit foolish at first. But this doesn’t mean that Daina never felt for Akko. In a few episodes of the anime, we saw that she gained interest in Akko due to her studies for the Grand Triskelion.

In the further episodes, we see that their friendship improves as Akko inspires Diana to become the Cavendish, who is the head of the household. This is the only moment we saw that she felt high on Akko, like more than friends.

In episode 10 of the anime, we saw that after the bee stings, both the main characters, Andrew and Daina. This led to them falling in love with Akko until the bee’s spell was broken.

From this very episode, we saw that they grew closer to each other and slowly developed a caring and exciting bond between them. And in the same episode, we saw Diana confessing that she was in love with her. Akko and Diana were seen holding hands which led us to think that maybe there was something between them!


Andrew and Akko sitting together

There are a few teasing scenes of them teasing as a couple in many episodes but especially in episode 10. At night, when Akko runs out after the bee incident, she sees Andrew admitting to his father that he would not play piano because his father didn't like it.

This is when Akko gave a long lecture to him and walked away. This is when Andrew looked at her and said that she was gorgeous too, and she blushed and said that he said so because he was under a spell.

Also, we saw that Sucy and Lotte were teasing them, and also, at the beginning of episode 21, Frank teased Andrew that he had fallen in love with Akko, which Andrew denied, but what do you guys think about how cute they would look together? And like how romantic this is, jeez!

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