Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama | Who did Na Hee Do Marry?

The mystery is finally over in Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama. Did Baek Yi Jin & Na Hee Do Get Back Together? Who Did Na Hee Do End Up With?

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Over the last 8 weeks, Kdrama fans have been going crazy trying to figure out Twenty Five Twenty One. If you aren’t aware of Twenty Five Twenty One, well, it’s a Netflix/TvN Korean drama starring Kim Tae Ri and Nam Joo Hyuk in the main roles.

Twenty Five Twenty One started with a pretty unique concept of showing the past and present through Na Hee Do’s daughter Kim Min Chae.

Kim Min Chae read her mother’s diary and experienced her youth and events in the past as she (Na Hee Do) emerged as the victor of world Fencing, conquering the world and living her dream.

The most curious thing that Kdrama fans were dying to know was who did Na Hee Do marry? Who did Na Hee Do end up with? Was Baek Yi Jin the endgame? What did we miss in the 15 episodes or did the writer nim just toy with our hearts? Let’s find out!

Baek Yi Jin & Na Hee Do Couple

It didn’t feel like they would ever move on from the platonic relationship and as much as we found it surprising, Baek Yi Jin began dating Na Hee Do.

Baek Yi Jin wanted to keep his objectivity and distance as distance, but he failed to do so as his feelings for her were overwhelming.

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin made a good couple and even celebrated their 600 days. Let’s do the maths, it’s pretty close to 2 years, by that logic.

Things were pretty good for a while and it seemed like Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin will forever be together, or at least that’s what they hoped for.

Unfortunately, Bae Yi Jin left for America due to his profession and Na Hee Do became busy with her professional life as a fencer.

Even after moving to America, Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do maintained a long-distance relationship.

Before they realised it, they drifted apart, their relationship just fell through. It was too hard for them to be together, and eventually, Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin broke up.

Did Baek Yi Jin & Na Hee Do Get Back Together?

After Baek Yi Jin returned from America and Na Hee Do return back to Korea as well, they had a brief encounter. Their luggage got exchanged as they had the couple’s bag.

They met and tried to rekindle their relationship but that was not in the cards. They met one last time before Baek Yi Jin returned to America and fans were left in suspense. Their future was left hanging.

It is shown that Na Hee Do’s daughter was reading her mom’s diary but she couldn’t read the last one.

Na Hee Do said that she lost the last one and it’s true. She lost it while getting off the bus right after breaking up with Baek Yi Jin.

The lost diary ended up with Baek Yi Jin because it had his spare ID card attached to the diary.

Someone posted the diary back to him. Baek Yi Jin didn’t return the diary directly to Na Hee Do and left it with the comic store owner.

Guess what, the owner never returned the book and after some twenty years possibly, he found the book.

The comic store owner went to return the book and Na Hee Do’s daughter Kim Min Chae received it on behalf of her mother.

As much as Kim Min Chae was curious, she returned the diary to her mom (Na Hee Do). That’s pretty much the end of the story of Twenty Five Twenty One and Na Hee Do’s life.

If you had loved and enjoyed watching Twenty Five Twenty One for the last 8 weeks, congratulations. The biggest Kdrama Mystery will be revealed. Prepare some tissues, a little bit of surprise, angst, tears whatever suits you best.

Who Did Na Hee Do End Up With?

So the question to the answer is pretty simple. It was hinted from the very first episode that Na Hee Do does not end up with Baek Yi Jin. Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do don’t get married. 

Na Hee Do and Baek Yi Jin broke up and that’s it. They never got back together. The drama never introduced us to who she married. At this point, it’s a mystery who she married and why. 

Clearly, Na Hee Do didn’t marry Baek Yi Jin and it feels like they ended up on a bitter note. It was so obvious because her daughter’s name was Kim Min Chae, not Baek Min Chae, meaning Na Hee Do married someone whose name is Kim. Whether it was intentional or to build up hype, Na Hee Do doesn’t get back with Baek Yi Jin and doesn’t end up together. Her husband is never introduced to the show.

So Twenty Five Twenty One ended up at a pretty ambiguous note because the epilogue/ after scene pretty much never made sense.

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