Who are the First Responders in the Korean Drama?

The chemistry of Jindo Dog & Bulldozer feat Seol to solve crimes!

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The 2022 SBS Korean Drama “The First Respondents” revolve around the fire station department and the police department working together to solve crimes. Kim Rae Won, Son Ho Jun, and Gong Seung Yeon play the leading roles in The First Responders Kdrama.

The drama is pretty interesting for a crime drama and shows the joint cooperation of the people arriving to help address victims and solve the crime. Who are the first responders in the Kdrama?

What is the plot of The First Responders Kdrama?

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The most fierce detective Jin Ho Gae is notorious for being crazy and doesn’t take criminals lightly. Jin Ho Gae is known as the Jindo dog in the agency. Jindo was involved in a case against him for violating the human rights of criminals.

In the enquiry committee, everyone expected Jin Ho Gae to repent and apologise, but in a not-so-surprising twist, Jindo made a mess and did not repent.

There were some issues going on against a chaebol, Mo Tae Hwa who was arrested for murder. Thanks to Jindo’s father’s meddling Mo Tae Hwa walked away without having to serve prison.

Jindo’s father Jin Cheol Joong works in the prosecution office. The father and son clearly don’t see eye to eye, as Cheol Joong might be involved in crimes and corruption.

As a result, Jin Ho Gae volunteers to get transferred. Upon arrival, he gets into a case to assist the fire department. The fire department unit has several members including Bong Do Jin, known as “The Bulldozer”. Song Seol is a paramedic who previously worked as a nurse in the hospital.

Meeting the First Responders!

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Jin Ho Gae aka Jindo Dog (played by Kim Rae Won) is relentless and doesn’t care about criminals or victims. He puts solving crimes first and uses his knowledge and instinct to solve cases. Jindo isn’t friendly and often gets into arguments with others. He does have an amicable relationship with his partner Gong Myung Pil (played by Kang Ki Dong).

It’s nice to see actor Kang Ki Dong in The First Responders and Reborn Rich in very contrasting roles. His comedic timing and acting are on point!

The only person who can control Jindo Dog is the department head, Baek Cham (Seo Hyun Chul). Baek Cham is known as the “Polar Bear”. He can be gentle like a teddy bear and equally fierce like a bear if he gets angry. Baek Cham is sensitive about hit-and-run cases as his child got into an accident 8 years ago.

The interaction of Ho Gae, Myung Pil and Baek Cham is eye-catching. There are serious scenes and good comedic timing providing occasional relief from the serious situations.  

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The police department has another key member Bong An Na (Ji Woo). An Na works in the forensic department and often helps out to analyse key evidence.

Bong An Na is Bong Do Jin’s sister. When An Na was nearly murdered in an explosion case, Jingdo worked with Do Jin to rescue her. It was then revealed she was Do Jin’s sister.

The fire department chief Dokko Son (Woo Mi Hwa) has a hot and cold relationship with Baek Cham. Bong Do Jin aka Bulldozer (Son Ho Jun) is a passionate firefighter.  

Do Jin is enthusiastic and often puts people first. He never hesitates to take risks because he wants to save people. Despite the fire department chief’s order to back down from the danger zone, Bulldozer stayed behind for the rescue.

Do Jin and Jindo Dog have a good chemistry. They banter a lot but are supportive of each other's jobs. The joint cooperation between them always ends up solving the case.

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The main member of the fire department is Song Seol. Seol is a paramedic and has experience working in a hospital. Do Jin said that Seol is more suited to work as a paramedic. Her experience as a nurse helps to save critical patients and provide emergency treatment.

Although one of her passionate decisions proved to be fatal for one of the poisoning victims as she ended up dying.  The police and fire department solved the case to catch the underage criminal manipulating the victim which resulted in her death. It was Jindo who thought the case wasn’t a simple suicide and someone else could be pulling strings.

Do Jin and Seol live in the same building. Soon Ho Gae joined as well. later, when Ho Gae joined as a tenant, both Seol and Do Jin teased him because the room was haunted.

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Apparently, the room was a fire accident scene where the previous tenant disappeared mysteriously. Constantly taunted by ghost rumours, Jindo was determined to quash the ghost rumours and started taking his apartment apart for crime scene clues.

The tenacious Jindo Dog was successful as he found clues to the murder. The Bulldozer was previously working on the case to find evidence of arson but his department chief told him to close the case. Thanks to Jindo Dog and the Bulldozer, the crime was solved and the culprit was found along with the missing body.

One of the best things about The First Responders Kdrama is that the episodes follow a new crime and it is concluded within the episode. It doesn’t get boring and the chemistry between Bulldozer and Jindo Dog is one of the most charming things. Seol and Jindo’s name-calling each other is actually cute and not offensive at all.

The First Responders Kdrama Season will have 12 episodes and 5 episodes are out so far. The drama will have a Season 2 as well which will air in 2023! Keep streaming The First Responders Kdrama and enjoy as more issues get unfolded.

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