Discover How "Whisper Of The Heart" Can Inspire You To Achieve Your Dreams

“Can’t you be in love without determining your future first?” -Yuuko Harada

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It’s a classic Ghibli movie filled with ambition, love, care, will to change, and regular nuances of a family.

A movie released back in the 90s is still so relevant. We in this time and age have created many other career possibilities but we in the race have forgotten the small things like having a cup of tea with the one you love, going to a library learning something new this movie reminds us to be humans again.

It’s a movie for those who think that love at a young age is worthless, this movie proves it otherwise.

It is a heartfelt, family-rendered film that has clear morals to tell, just like any other Ghibli film.

All it takes is one passion

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Whisper Of The Heart is a great film that revolves around students desperate in building their future.

It is the norm to expect that a great future can only be in store once great tasks are accomplished.

That assumption may be the case for a few, however, the general method is to keep your task simple, something you love to do day-to-day, some skill that you keep sharpening without even giving it a second thought.

Honing that part of yourself that lets you feel like yourself even under pressure is the best path to building the road to a brighter and happier future.

As for Shizuku, her hobby of reading books gave her the ability to be a creative individual with the aptitude to re-write songs in her own style, not only that, it gave her the push she needed to write her own novel.

Of course, these hobbies take a lot of polishing before they turn into gems that are valuable, all the stress and pain that took to make them shine will be worth every second spent and more.

Simple dreams create big waves

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We tend to make promises when we are young only later in life do we realize those were just words but what if those were actual feelings that were suppressed by the people you live with?

Seiji said out loud that he sees Shishuku as her wife in the future, they both agreed that it’s a little clingy but when there is love there is a will to be with the person come to water or high water, they would do anything to be with that one person in the whole world.

They both are merely 14 years old when just stepping into a world of Cutthroat competition and getting ready but since they have decided to be together their journey together could be more fascinating and wholesome, they would be fighting the world with the power of two humans.

Be the change to see it

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This also reiterates the poem called “The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

“Two roads Diverged in a wood, and I
I took the one less traveled by”

Shizuku’s father is very supportive but he also warns her that

“The road is not easy when you do things differently than everyone else”

Seiji and Shizuku both of them have planned to pursue a less taken career road, Seiji, a violin maker, wants to learn the art from the best, and Shizuku notices that he is so dedicated to making a career for himself that she starts to dig deeper into herself and figures out that she would wanna be a writer some day.

It’s her constant will that she finishes the book just in time before she could give her exams and start preparing for them.

The motivation gained by one another

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The will to be someone when you are young the need to stand out and be the best partner to your partner is enormous.

We all have seen the side of a relationship that brings us turmoil but we fail to acknowledge the better side of a relationship, we actually tend to outlook it.

This side of the relationship could figure out what you want from your life, the career you need, and so on. Whisper Of The Heart rightly outlines the part of a relationship when you want to be a better person for your partner.

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