Which Traumatized Anime Boy Are You Based On Your MBTI (Part Two)

More MBTI types of shonen anime characters. Which of the traumatized anime boys do you relate with?

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We are back with more traumatized anime boys and their MBTI personality types. Which one closely resembles you based on your MBTI type. Find out for yourself!



Entrepreneurs (ESTP) frequently have an upbeat, action-oriented demeanor and are adept at managing any situation. They are usually good at assessing their own strength and capabilities and that of others.

At the same time, however, ESTPs can often be judgemental and critical of people who aren’t up to their level. Akaza of Demon Slayer showcases several ESTP characteristics. A firm believer of Social Darwinism, Akaza vehemently despises those he deems weaker than him.

This hatred for the weak stems from his deeply rooted trauma of not being able to protect his loved ones. A deeply complicated antagonist, Akaza lived a life of agony in his human life as well as his demon life, despite being deeply dedicated to his loved ones or his task at hand.

ESTJ- Vegeta


ESTJs or Executives have a clear understanding of what should happen and are prepared to take charge to make it happen. Traditionalists through and through, ESTJs do not like it when things do not go the way they expect it to.

The prince of all Saiyans, Vegeta, exemplifies an ESTJ. Vegeta tends to jump head first into any challenge of strength. His need to be the strongest fighter is almost pathological. Initially, his Saiyan pride made him cruel and sadistic. Although the cruel streak of his personality was likely a result of the trauma and humiliation inflicted upon him by Frieza. As the show progresses, Vegeta mellows out, nonetheless retaining his Saiyan pride and super serious demeanor.

ESFP- Gon Freecss


ESFPs or “Entertainers” are outgoing performers who captivate and enthral others around them. They enjoy the people, food, clothing, environment, animals, and especially people around them. ESFPs often have a contagious zest for life and are friendly and outgoing. They prefer to be at the centre of things and the focus of attention.

Gon Freecss of Hunter X Hunter is the embodiment of an ESFP. He set out to become a hunter because he wanted to find what kind of job would make a father want to leave his son on his own. While Gon does not hold it against his father, the absentee father has had a great impact on his overall personality.

Driven by his heart, Gon is often in search of one great thrill after the other. However, his impulsiveness and temper often take over his rationality, leading to his suffering. The fact that he has a stronger will than most people and a level head can sometimes make him frigid and cold.

ESFJ- Reiner Braun


ESFJ are Consuls. Generous and trustworthy, those who fit this personality type frequently take it upon themselves to keep their families and communities together in both big and small ways.

The more turbulent ESFJs have a hard time dealing with the consequences of their actions. These individuals frequently place blame for issues on themselves. This kind of Consul would rather see their regrets go away than consider them to be of any use, possibly viewing them as a criticism of their dependability.

Reiner was born a meek yet dedicated child. After Marco’s death, he adopted his personality and became a brother figure to his comrades. Due to a series of traumatic events, Reiner developed serious psychological issues. At his breaking point, he even contemplated suicide. But his love for his comrades proved to be greater than his self-loathing and that is what kept him going.

ENFP- Obito Uchiha


ENFPs or “Campaigners” frequently adopt radical concepts and take steps that show their feeling of optimism and altruism toward others. Their vivacious energy can move in many different directions.

Sometimes ENFPs allow their imaginations to run wild, and they frequently see evil intentions where none actually exist. Reading between the lines only works when there is something truly concealed there, but being hyper-aware and alert helps ENFPs develop their social comprehension. If it isn't, miscommunications could happen, and wounded feelings might ruin good connections.

It is this vulnerability of Obito Uchiha from Naruto that Madara exploits. Obito developed a one-sided feud with Kakashi despite being typically courteous and devoted to his friends and allies. Obito was infamous for doing random acts of kindness in Konoha, especially for the elderly, when he wasn't competing with Kakashi; as a result, he was frequently late. Due to a confluence of circumstances as well as his inherent goodness and optimism, Madara found Obito to be simple to take advantage of and ultimately corrupt.

ENFJ- Kamado Tanjiro


Protagonists (ENFJs) believe they were meant for something bigger than themselves. These personality types are thoughtful and idealistic, and they want to make the world a better place for everyone. Even when it is extremely difficult to do the right thing, they rarely hesitate to do it.

Tanjiro of Demon Slayer has been praised by others for his nice disposition, soft eyes, and sensitive demeanor. He is extremely tenacious and won't let up once he sets out to do something; his relentless search for a treatment for Nezuko is the clearest illustration of this.

However, Tanjiro is a person with a raging inner fire of fury and vengeance that burns behind his outwardly nice and compassionate exterior. While Tanjiro is kind and compassionate through and through, his personality has been deeply affected by losing his entire family at the hands of a demon.

ENTP- Gojo Satoru


Debaters or ENTPs are quick-witted and daring individuals who don't hesitate to challenge the established quo. In fact, they don't hesitate to disagree with anyone or anything. Regardless of any opposition, they may experience, they persistently pursue their objectives.

Satoru Gojo from Jujutsu Kaisen is a good example of an ENTP. Born with immense power and talent, Gojo is quite an arrogant individual. His opinions of people frequently only extend to his assessment of their strengths, and he is generally uncaring about those he views as weak.

However, nonchalant and uncaring as he may seem, Gojo has layers of complex humanity woven into his personality. Satoru's grief for losing his best friend led to his eventual demise in Shibuya after having to kill Suguru before more disaster struck.

ENTJ- Madara Uchiha


ENTJs or Commanders are natural-born leaders. This personality type is an embodiment of charisma and self-assurance, and they project authority in a way that unites people around a shared cause. However, Commanders also exhibit a merciless level of reasoning that they frequently employ in order to accomplish whatever goals they have set for themselves.

Madara's childhood was a reflection of the times he lived in; the continual fighting made him a perfectionist who would practice something until he perfected it, and his victories on the battlefield gave him a great deal of self-assurance. Starting out as a bright young man, Madara changed completely when his last surviving brother died.

After leaving Konoha, Madara's focus shifted to the Eye of the Moon Plan, leading him to manipulate numerous people to further his own objectives. Madara just adhered to the "ends justifies the means" maxim because he really thought the strategy would help everyone.