Which Seventeen Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?

You're in luck if the "SEVENTEEN" member is the person you have a crush on! Here's a detailed look at each member's astrological sign and the indications that they get along with each other the best!

Which Seventeen Member's Zodiac Sign Is Similar To Yours?

Finding out your crush's sign and determining whether or not they are "compatible" with yours can be entertaining whether or not you actually believe in astrology. You're in luck if the "SEVENTEEN" member is the person you have a crush on! Here's a detailed look at each member's astrological sign and the indications that they get along with each other the best!

1. Dino (Aquarius)


Dino is an example of an Aquarius, who is known for being analytical, objective, and bright, but also has a stubborn streak and prefers to make their own decisions over following the crowd. They frequently exhibit unusual behaviour and are highly independent. As a result, Gemini and Libra, who are both air signs, are excellent partners for Aquarius people as they tend to have similar interests and personalities.

2. Vernon (Aquarius)


Since Vernon is also an Aquarius, his ideal partners are other Aquarius people who share his intelligence, humanitarianism, and independence. A fiery fire sign like an Aries, though, could potentially unexpectedly spice up his life!

3. Seungkwan (Capricorn)


Capricorns are typically quite realistic, independent, and ambitious. Seungkwan is known for his commitment to his career, thus this should not be a surprise as they have a propensity to overwork themselves! They are dedicated to their work and tenacious, but they also have goals that are far more pragmatic than idealistic. Because of their strong work ethic, Capricorns get along well with other earth signs, but water signs like Cancer can provide them with the necessary oppositional energy that a Capricorn will be drawn to adore and guard.

4. The8 (Scorpio)


The8 is renowned for his expressive, beautiful dance, which is perfectly suited to his Scorpio nature. These water signs are complex in that they have fire passions while also having an emotional and imaginative side. They are very creative – which The8 is surely known for – but are notorious for their sting, so you don’t want to get on a Scorpio’s bad side! However, they have the potential to develop strong emotional relationships with fellow water signs Cancer and Scorpio, however, a Taurus could also serve to ground this fiery sign.

5. Mingyu (Aries)


While Mingyu certainly isn't hesitant to speak his views, he lacks the negative attributes that some Aries seem to have, such as aggressiveness and instability. For the average Aries, tend to be bold, boisterous, and talkative. But he can also be brave, sociable, and outgoing like a typical Aries, as well as generous, which is a characteristic of his type. Like most signs, he would get along best with those who are like him: bubbly, extroverted fire signs. However, he might find romance with an airy Libra because opposites attract.

6. DK (Aquarius)


DK is an Aquarius, just like Dino and Vernon. He is undoubtedly witty and unconventional, and despite his extroverted nature, he occasionally displays a classic Aquarius obstinate side. His ideal partners, like those of the other people born under this sign, would be the fiery fire sign, Aries, to spice up his already passionate life and fellow air signs Gemini and Libra.

7. Woozi (Sagittarius)


Sagittariuses are independent and free-spirited individuals who like to blaze their own way rather than take the easy route. A true representative of this sign is Woozi, who served as the primary producer for SEVENTEEN's discography and is renowned for his initiative and unwillingness to bend to social norms. He is progressive and daring, not hesitant to push the limits of music. The philosophical nature of Sagittariuses is also well known, and the wise Woozi is undoubtedly capable of it. Aries and Leo, fellow fire signs, can handle his competitive and passionate personality without feeling overwhelmed, while a daring Gemini might also feed his thrill-seeking inclination.

8. Wonwoo (Cancer)


Wonwoo is a reserved, intelligent man who sometimes comes across as elusive and secretive. In fact, those characteristics are typical of the Cancer sign. Cancers, like all water signs, have a tendency to be emotional, but they can also be incredibly insightful and compassionate. They are well known for their charm and loyalty, and they make great friends frequently. The strong emotions and need for intense connections of fellow water signs Pisces and Cancer make them wonderful partners, but an earthy Capricorn's down-to-business mentality could help guide this watery sign on a prosperous course.

9. Hoshi (Gemini)


Hoshi has many traits with Geminis, including their youthful vigour, curiosity, and lively personalities. They are also incredibly witty and elusive, which can make relationships challenging but friendships with Geminis exciting! It can be challenging to keep up with this sign because they are versatile in their skills and quick thinkers, but they are always up for a good time. Libra and Aquarius, fellow air signs, would find it easier to keep up with someone like Hoshi, but a Sagittarius may also be a good match because of their similar adventurous, party-loving personalities!

10. Jun (Gemini)


Although Jun, a fellow Gemini, is not as talkative and extroverted as Hoshi, he still exhibits certain Gemini-like characteristics. He is also renowned for his exuberant youth and occasionally peculiar, outlandish actions that can amuse or confound others. Like Hoshi, Jun would get along best with air signs Libra and Sagittarius, and a fiery Sagittarius could bring out more of his outspoken side!

11. Joshua (Capricorn)


Joshua is renowned for his commitment to his career and rigorous work ethic, much like fellow Capricorn Seungkwan. This earthy member of SEVENTEEN has a quirky and amusing side, however, it can be more subdued than some of the other more extroverted members of SEVENTEEN, as is customary for a Capricorn. Joshua will benefit from the stability and focus that the earth signs Taurus and Virgo provide, whilst an emotionally charged Cancer would enable him to access more of his ethereal, spiritual side.

12. Jeonghan (Libra)


Libras, the most endearing of the signs, are noted for their cool, calculating demeanour and need for balance in life, which they use to keep things peaceful, fair, and harmonious. With his calm yet instinctive ability to tame some of the more vivacious individuals and ensure that everyone is content, Jeonghan undoubtedly embodies these characteristics. It makes sense for the sensitive and affectionate Jeonghan because they have a tendency to be idealistic and perfectionists. Gemini and Aquarius are the air signs that are most compatible with his intellectual side, while an earthy Taurus would share his passion for aesthetics, the arts, and other worldly pleasures.

13. S.Coups (Leo)


Not to mention, S.Coups' Leo nature shines through with his big-heartedness, loyalty, and zeal. Leos, like other fire signs, may be brash and loud and make excellent leaders, much like the lion, the "King of the Jungle," who symbolizes this sign. They are also quite protective of the other SEVENTEEN members, which S.Coups is well known for. Aries and Sagittarius, who are both fire signs, would complement this Leo's sense of adventure and have a spontaneous good time, whilst an airy Aquarius would set competitive sparks flying with their completely contrasting yet nonetheless brazen attitude.

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