Which Anime Character Are You, According To Your Zodiac Sign?

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With original tales, concepts, and characters appearing in hundreds of different episodes, the current canon of anime is one of the most diverse collections in all of the media.

Since there is something for everyone, it follows that it will also match their zodiac sign.

Since each sign is distinct, there must be an anime character that appeals to everyone watching in some way.

They are all ideal representations of the many different zodiacal signs since they share a number of fundamental qualities.

Aries: Michiko Malandro And Sakura Kinomoto

Every Aries is fiery-tempered, self-assured, and constantly cheers for the underdog. They have strong opinions and don't budge from their course.

They detest obstructions, especially when the safety of their loved ones is at stake. Imagination fuels them.

With her fighting prowess, willingness to engage in conflict, and longstanding reputation for standing up for the underdogs, Michiko of Michiko & Hatchin is the quintessential Aries.

She is fiercely loyal, but she is also aware of her own value and influence. And while her fury may occasionally thwart her goals, eventually an Aries must do what an Aries must.

In reality, she shares many traits with the ostensibly mild Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. They both possess the same sense of loyalty and ambition.

Sakura may not enjoy being angry, but she also lets her love for other people motivate her.

She is also a canonical Aries, with the anime attributing her zodiac sign to her April 1 birthday.

Taurus: Himura Kenshin

Tauruses are known for their love of solitude. They appreciate spending time outside and appreciating the little things in life, traits that Kenshin (of the anime Ruroni Kenshin) embodies.

Kenshin exchanged his murderous past for a serene present.

Kenshin is renowned for his kind disposition and desire to comprehend everyone he encounters.

He goes so far as to construct his blade so it won't draw blood and only kills as a last resort (something fans of The Witcher might appreciate).

Kenshin's only desire is to live a straightforward life with the people he loves, which is a typical Taurus life objective.

Gemini: L Lawliet

Geminis are made up of opposing views, making them one of the most misunderstood zodiac signs.

Though generally great brains, they have an unusual, rather antisocial, and cunning style of getting around.

And if it doesn't sum up Death Note's brilliant detective L, then no horoscope sign will.

L is infamous for having dubious morals and frequently siding with different groups to accomplish what he wants, which is more for the "greater good" than for his own need to find solutions to issues.

If one can avoid losing themselves in the process, being compared to L, who is complex and fascinating, is a sign of high intelligence and aptitude in one's ambitions.

Cancer: Takashi Natsume And Usagi Tsukino

Cancers are renowned for being extremely sensitive, empathic, and in sync with their surroundings. That sums up Natsume's Book Of Friends title nicely.

Natsume is one of the top occult anime characters because of his ability to perceive yokai and his worldly awareness.

Natsume constantly tries to be as good as he can be, and he takes other people's kindnesses extremely seriously despite how challenging his life has been.

He is very considerate to the point of being ignorant, and since he cares so much about other people's feelings, he can be.

His sensitivity, like that of the majority of Cancers, is both a burden and a gift. The same is true of Sailor Moon's lead character.

Usagi Tsukino develops into a person who always puts the world first, despite the fact that she initially may be a little more egotistical than Natsume.

She always aspires to be a hero and a high school student who reaches out to people and makes friends rather than believing the rumors she hears.

Leo: Victor Nikiforov

Leos are the divas of the zodiac; they are fashionable, amiable, and enjoy the limelight.

They are inherently highly alluring, deal with rumors with ease, and perform best when given the freedom to make their own rules.

Thus, the ideal embodiment of this fiery zodiac sign is ice skater Victor Nikiforov of Yuri on Ice.

Since he was only 16 years old, Victor has dominated the ice skating globe.

He has a ton of talent, exudes charisma effortlessly, is attractive and well-groomed, and most importantly, he is determined to go down in history as one of the finest.

Like a typical Leo, he is romantic above all else, and he is open about his feelings for Yuri Katsuki.

Virgo: Yuugo Hachiken

Hachiken from Silver Spoon would be a Virgo if anyone ever were.

Virgos are diligent, systematic, hard-working, and happy when doing manual labor, such as in agricultural settings.

Almost all of these characteristics apply to Hachiken.

Due to his overachievement, Hachiken burned out in a typical school environment and switched to an agricultural school, where he discovered farming to be his true vocation in life.

His Virgo love of nature made the rest simple, and his work ethic helped him make up for his lack of prior farming expertise.

Libra: Lelouch Vi Brittania And Naruto Uzumaki

A Libran's obsession with a balance is well known, but it can also indicate a need for harmony, a desire for equality, or simply just a love of beauty.

Lelouch Vi Brittania from Code Geass is a prime example of a Libra in all these ways.

The rebellious prince will do anything to achieve his objectives, which include the abolition of social prejudice and the start of a new, peaceful period.

While his actions might appear callous, they are actually motivated by compassion, and he takes care to make sure everything is neatly wrapped up.

He shares objectives with Naruto Uzumaki from the Naruto series. Although Naruto isn't as vicious, he is just as tenacious.

Fans call his skill in talking an adversary out of a fight—despite the fact that he is a skilled fighter—"talk no Jutsu".

Scorpio: Haru

Another misunderstood sign is the Scorpio, who is feared for their cunning, bravery, and secrecy.

They have a strong sense of sexual identity, can be challenging to read, and react to setbacks with cool calculation.

Like Haru of the Beastars from Cherryton High, such self-assured people are frequently despised.

A gentle dwarf rabbit named Haru is forced to put on a front because of all the abuse and infantilization she has experienced in her lifetime.

She is perceived as a threat by many pupils because she is at ease with herself as a sexual being and as a young woman.

Haru, however, is well aware of all of this; she simply likes to be herself.

Sagittarius: Guts

A Sagittarius must finally conquer their own way.

Their feeling of individual responsibility remains their first priority even when times are tough, and it is this sense of responsibility that makes Berserk's Guts a model for Sagittarius.

Guts lived a decent life during the Golden Age. He had trustworthy friends, a good job, and the opportunity to use his sword for a noble cause.

But in the end, he decided to leave it all behind because he needed to discover his own reason for existing. This potent concept resonates with every Sagittarius.

Capricorn: Ginko And Blake Belladonna

Capricorns straddle the gap between logical acumen and intuitive compassion.

As a result, Mushishi's Ginko is the epitome of a Capricorn, having devoted his life to learning about mushi and assisting others in blending in while maintaining a more "human" appearance.

Additionally, as Capricorns thrive in natural surroundings, they are at ease going across difficult terrain, and Ginko frequently hikes through mountains and woods in an effort to preserve the environment.

There is no one who is a better match for a Capricorn than Ginko, with his need for knowledge, his limitless patience, and his everlasting loyalty.

There is one, I guess. Blake Belladonna from RWBY possesses the Capricorn sense of duty, devotion, and sincere dedication to hard labor.

She demonstrates that she never gives up by continuing with her friends on their quest to stop Salem despite every step of their journey making it seem impossible, proving that she never gives up no matter how difficult a task is.

Even the attack and closing of her school couldn't deter her because she had dedicated her life to being a Huntswoman.

Aquarius: Kaworu Nagisa

Widely regarded as the zodiac's "flower children", Aquarius people are visionaries who are always thinking about the future and how they may improve it, even if doing so will cost them something.

It's clear that Kaworu from Neon Genesis Evangelion best embodies this sign because of their almost ethereal quality.

With his distinctive appearance, otherworldly demeanor, and peculiar style of speaking, Kaworu makes an impression even if he only appears in a few episodes.

He is simultaneously childishly playful and horrifyingly extreme in his objectives. For better or worse, Kaworu is what every Aquarius aspires to be.

Pisces: Tsukimi Kurashita

The Pisces sign is a bit eccentric since they hover between reality and daydreams. They have a strong focus and can develop into fairly talented painters.

Tsukimi, Princess Jellyfish herself, is the best Pisces in anime, so who else could be?

Tsukimi is a bit of a loner who finds solace in creating costumes that are based on jellyfish.

She is gifted, caring, and has a promising future ahead of her, but because she is a Pisces, she finds it difficult to venture outside her comfort zone and would rather stay in her room.

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