Where To Watch Shiki

If you’re a big fan of anime, the Japanese blockbuster Shiki should be pressing desperately to your ears right now. So, if you can't wait any longer to get your hands on it, here’s a list of places where you can watch Shiki.

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Where To Watch Shiki

Everyone wants to watch Shiki. As beautifully-crafted anime content, it ticks the box for some ecstasy, suspense, and satisfaction. And for every true anime-lover, notifications come in handy at every release. But the big problem is where to watch it. But not to worry as I have selected some platforms where you can watch the anime; Shiki.

Amazon Prime

This is probably the go-to app for most anime lovers. Developed by the popular e-commerce platform, Amazon, it is a stunning streaming service that cuts across all genres of TV shows and content, including anime. Furthermore, Amazon provides a review space for all provided content. This standout quality gets viewers swarming across the globe.

Currently, you can watch about 12 episodes on Shiki on their platform - from First Blood to Twelfth Decay. This comes alongside some thoroughly sincere reviews, as well as the genre specification for the anime. Plus, each episode states the time length for each video.


This is one of the best options to watch Shiki. It provides a service closely linked to Netflix, but it bases its structure on Anime and other Japanese content. Besides Shiki, you could take a stroll to see Naruto, Yuri on Ice, and the incredible My Hero Academia.

Before you watch Shiki here, see this; it is a paid subscription service. However, you could get a whooping offer of a 14-day free trial as a first-timer. This offer is garnished with exceptional streaming quality which makes it an absolute steal.

Moreover, apart from the highly engaging review and comment space, the movie description could get you salivating to see all episodes at once.


When talking about who has the largest collection of anime, Netflix is distinguished to be one of the best content providers of this genre. It takes a top spot in every ranking space. As you'd expect, this platform provides exclusives for Shiki. The good thing is that everything you need to know about Shiki is on the description dashboard.

This is not just about the movie review, but the background information you could feed your minds with. Here, 22 episodes in Season 1 of Shiki are fully represented with their release dates and time length. Plus, the characters and casts are linked with each other, in case you'd love to see the backroom voice actors.


Excellence is a keyword here. I cannot but highlight the unique quality of Funmination in providing you with the anime blockbusters you desire at every point.

You can watch Shiki here for free, although you may need to deal with distracting ads at some point. You can choose to pay for a monthly subscription if you intend to remove them. But the beautiful thing about Funmination is that it is an official broadcasting source to stream Shiki alongside other anime in the US. A good catch for Americans. Available on both Android and IOS, you can download it on any app store at your disposal.

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It's Playing

Here's a unique app to watch your favorite anime. However, it is not a streaming platform. It is a video player specifically made for iPad users who may not be chanced to see MP4 videos, animes inclusively.

But not to worry, you can watch Shiki here as an iPad user. Plus, it works with AVI, MKV, plus some other formats. So, it is a great alternative to watching Shiki offline, which is uncommon among other anime apps.

Before You Go

You can check out platforms like Reddit or MyAnimeList to get involved in discussions, reviews, and audience ratings for Shiki and other anime.