What to Expect For Chainsaw Man Episode 3

Chainsaw Man episode 3 is set to release on Wednesday, October 26 at 12AM JST


Chainsaw Man episode 3 is set to release on Wednesday, October 26 at 12AM JST.

Chainsaw Man is one of the most hyped anime this season. Fans waited with baited for this awesome series, and boy did it deliver.

With Episode 3, we will surely get to see the rest of the team Denji has joined, under Aki Hayakawa. We will also certainly see more of Power(and her Fiend abilities)-Denji's latest teammate, and slightly overambitious love interest.

In Episode 2 itself, we can see certain tensions build up between Hayakawa and Denji. While Hayakawa has been clearly traumatized by Devils and wants to annihilate them, Denji sees them in a more humane way.

This much is expected, what with Denji's only friend being his Devil pet Pochita. We may see more of this conflict between the team lead and member in further episodes.

Makima has seemed to start to pick up a bit on Denji's lewd behavior, and he may soon be punished for that.

With two episodes of hunting relatively weaker Devils/Fiends, fans can soon expect a much stronger antagonist to show up in the next episode, with far more effective abilities. The team may not be so relaxed with their next hunt.

Whatever we do get in the next episode, it is going to be one awesome experience, as MAPPA rarely disappoints.

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