Banana Fish Anime: What Should The Ending Be Like?

Banana Fish is considered to be one of the best manga which is on par with Violet Ever-garden. It is definitely a must watch anime.

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By Akash
Banana Fish Anime: What Should The Ending Be Like?

For many anime fans Banana Fish Anime is on par with the Violet Evergreen Anime. In the first few episodes of this anime we get the glimpse of Baccano Anime which also involves certain level of gang violence in their episodes.

The tags of this anime describes it to be Shonen anime but it is definitely not bound to any particular genre. And the show gets intense as the story progresses. Only after the first few episodes of this anime we get to see our first death and after that it sets into a serious tone.

This is a very well produced anime as it describes the reality and portrays evils like child molestation, gang violence, videotaping, gang rape and gang controls government activities.

Banana Fish Anime

We can know about the anime by just its title. Mafia is trying to mass produce certain mind controlling drugs which can help them govern the White House. It is based on a really heavy topic. Golzine is the leader of the mafia and his favourite person is Ash whose brother by some way gets affected by the same drug.

So, he starts his journey to know about the Banana Fish which is the cause behind it. So, here arrives another character from the anime called Eiji who came from Japan and is the apprentice of Ash.

Certain people put Eiji with Ash to get to know about Ash in detail. But after certain series of events Ash and Eiji gets under their radar.

As the story continues further we get to see the relationship that is forming between Ash and Eiji. Their relationship first of all starts with friendship only but soon grows more than that which we see in the episodes. Their relationship grew to certain point that they become inseperable and their relationship is the purest that I have ever seen.

So, talking about Anime adapting from the Manga. Some people say that they have done decent job in doing so and some people argue that they didn't pick up the real emotions that are present in the Manga. There are both negatives and positives.

The most positive thing about this anime series is the pure relationship between Ash and Eiji which is much more than physical intimacy.

The anime series involves fast paced narrative which is rarely seen in today's time. Banana Fish received critcal acclaim for its storyline that is not like any other anime and also its portrayal of reality.

How should the ending be like in Banana Fish Anime?

The main thing that comes in everyone's mind is that Ash should have lived. It was so emotional to see him dying. Ending of this wonderful manga was beautiful as well as it was mostly tragic. It is not everyone's cup of tea as the saying goes.

The main criticism that the ending of this anime faced is that it's ending seems to be forced and is not perfectly executed like the rest of the episodes. The author of this anime herself told that the characters were just a literary tool for her which she eventually killed one by one as the story moved forward or as the story demanded.

Ash's death is the most tragic one i feel as it doesn't feels like his chatacter. The letter that he left behind mentioned that Eiji told him that he could himsef change his own destiny. So, if he said such then why he wanted to die peacefully that i cannot understand if his soulmate said so?

He also stated this thing that if Eiji was in Japan he would be so worried by that time that he would not have let himself die for this particular reason.

The letter that Ash left behind was definitely not a suicide note but a reminder to tell that he would have been happy together with Eiji.

So, coming back how would the ending of Banana Fish should look like. I think the ending should stay original and true to the anime.

First thing to be noted is that Ash is the main character of the story so his original story should not be dealt with but instead of this keeping him alive till the end is a good option.

On the other hand, if the story had been prolonged in the end without letting our main character die than the author could have paved the way for a sequel which would be a fantastic job done by the author.

We also came to know that in the anime the story is somewhat changed and mainly the ending has changed as there are many potholes in the anime which we don't find in the manga.

It have came to notice that maybe Ash have not died in the anime. Maybe the author have saved Ash for bringing him back for the sequel. If it happens that definitely every fan of the Banana Fish will be excited. But if not than we will have to change the ending and make alternate editions by ourself.

What makes Banana Fish so sad?

Banana Fish anime is considered to be one of the darkest and sad anime. The main character of the story is loved by every viewer. Anyone can relate to him as he is as simple as us.

There are lot of twists and death which makes it sad. Ash is the one character whose death brings sadness to every viewer who loves this anime. It even makes viewers cry when our favourite character dies.

Banana Fish Anime

The thing is not that he died but he died due to one thing which is available to all of us. It was a very big deal for him due to which he struggled a lot and face a lot hardships and that thing was freedom which leads to his death.

So, given these all circumstances it makes it one of the darkest anime which can make people cry.