What Makes Yu Yu Hakusho Manga Different From Other Manga?

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By Akash
What Makes Yu Yu Hakusho Manga Different From Other Manga?

Yu Yu Hakusho Manga is quite hyped manga series and one of the well-known too.The manga began its publication around1990’s. It is an adventure manga which was published in shonen jump magazine. The main protagonist of the story Yusuke Urameshi eventually dies in a road accident. After which, he revives during very challenging times. In this manga he investigates supernatural incidents which tooks place as an Undercover detective hiding his identity. The manga includes various characters like Kurama and Goki. Hakusho Fighting with demons to help them prevent from travelling to the earth is quite an unique plot in shonen series.Like the typical protagonist Hakusho is not like that he loses too and he is also not a tough guy. He is not quite witty as any other character.

This fighting based manga is quite well done as the art style of this manga is quite good which don’t let it be boring. It is a shounen manga and it is not like the typical shounen manga with their cliche dialogues or stuff like that but instead it included unique storyline, character development and dialogues. Yu Yu Hakusho Manga character development is one of its merits as in any other shounen manga character development is rushed but in this manga character development is very well done.As the main protagonist develops further just like that the side characters too develops and their is a good background story of the side characters too, which is quite unique to find out these days.

The characters emotions plays a vital role in making this manga good. It feels close to real life. The characters have a well balanced chemistry with themselves. They are also award winners to sum up about the characters. Yu Yu Hakusho Manga has some flaws too like the artwork and the animation of this manga is not well done. It gives a feel that something is odd and nit in the right place to say so. But it is not a deal breaker in the downfall but instead the character portration fills out this part which is missing.

Rather than animation real life emotions and characters plays a vital role in hyping up this manga. Some, people don’t find music to be dealbreaker but some people find it. And, Yu Yu Hakusho dont let down it’s soundtrack is one of the best music to be heard ever. Yu Yu Hakusho Manga is quite an enjoyable series to watch. It is not one of the series which everyone will like or feels like close to. It is one of those series which some part of people will absolutely like.It is not only mindless action series like DBZ it is based on progression of the characters through various hardships that they face during the series.

The series is quite long and goes beyond 100 episodes which tends to bind the readers. It is one of the original series which is hard to come by. This shonen manga series use dialogue delivery quite well. As mentioned earlier it is not blindly an full action shonen manga series. The comedy and satire in a particular situation is quite well used in various chapters of the series.